31487 scientists say NO!

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Noch nicht übersetzt!
31487 scientists say NO! Desperate fight for survival of science!
Demande de traduction!
Prośba do tłumaczenia!
Richiesta per la traduzione!
Solicitud de traducción!
Çeviri talep edilir!

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3 Gedanken zu “31487 scientists say NO!

  1. Since 2011, after Fukushima! But it took me until 2014 to complete the understanding. I had to collect background knowledge about meteorology, aviation, mass manipulation. Always discussed it with friends and others to develop and question our findings.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Sorry wrongfully deleted Your comment:
    „When did u begin ur work studying this stuff? Wow awesome blog. I knew it was loaded with great info it took me until now to start reading it all and check links thank u very much I'm going to share the link to ur blog.“

    Gefällt mir

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