31487 scientists say NO! Desperate fight for survival of science!

Desperate fight for survival of science!

Many people say that science has become a religion! This is the case because the scientific community is organized in a hierarchy, where some fake authorities are sitting at the top and pressing for a „main stream science„. Money has become the decisive force, not knowledge. 

Everything what needs „main stream“ has to be fake, because this main stream concept is used to build a controllable body. It is applied on media, politics, religions, fashion and food trends etc. Whoever doesn’t follow this main stream style is easily identified, attacked, marginalized and ruined.

Main Stream is a mass control religion, ridiculing the people to become sheeple. Main steering element of such a  Main Stream Religion is political correct speaking, designed according Neuro Linguistic Programming methods. Resisting Main Stream Religion begins by re-conquering the own language and freeing own mind from NLP fences and chains.

That scam concept may be inevitable for religions and politics, because both always depend on sheeple for their existence, but should that apply also for science?

Which value has a science depending on a main stream scam?

Science has only to depend on EVIDENCE. A scientist, a scientific institution, a scientific community depending on Main Stream Religion doesn’t deserve to be deemed as scientific, it is definitely yet another fake scientific exploitation scam.

Who remembers Lysenko scam, Communism, Fascism, Racism, Eugenics, Scientology, Kabbalah, moral majority of Evangelicals and other scams, whose inventors or perpetrators always claimed and claim to be following a scientific method or being scientific. All of them have some methodology, all of them have also some pseudo scientific component but they all expect from their followers to BELIEVE a main claim of their faith. 

Now we have a new and evidently the biggest scam of mankind. It is running by brainwashing, distraction, fear mongering, inventing sins and promising redemption by money, all what we can find in other belief systems, particularly similar to religious concept of Christianity. It is a scam occupying the notion of Climatology to style itself as „scientific“.

The main mantras of of Climatology Mafia Church is following!

  1. Humans are producing additional CO2.
  2. This CO2 is entrapping the heat by „positive feedback“ reflection.
  3. Puplications of IPCC to the points 1 & 2 are scientific.
  4. There is scientific consensus that points 1 & 2 are true.
  5. All opposition to points 1 & 2 is non scientific.
  6. Opposing people have to be persecuted as enemies of humanity.
  7. A global punishment CO2 tax has to be implemented on humanity.
  8. All CARBON should be put under supervision of a global authority.
  9. All WATER has to be put under the control of corporations.

The last point about water is not said openly but done practically!

Scientific findings are never a matter of „consensus“. Scientists don’t decide according „majority voting“ organized by some promotion companies. Invention of fake majorities is one of the inevitable properties of every scam. The „moral majority“ was one, „bolshevism“ another but the most dangerous fake majority is the „climate consensus“.

Scientists don’t follow politicians or political majorities.

Scientists don’t follow religious ideologies.

Scientists don’t follow hierarchies, ok the real scientist, the current science hierarchy resembles more a cast system. It deserves to be name „science cast“!

The scientific community is in a bad shape. In general it is already failing and it is definitely in a failed state in the field of Climatology.

Climatology has become an insult, similar to Scientology, Communism, Fascism, Racism, Eugenics, Ponzi scheme, Lysenko scheme, David Madoff scheme etc. 

Even the resistance against the Climate Engineering Mafia is not good enough, entrapped in fake statistics and fake scientific claims and papers of the Mafia.

How many resisting scientists cannot stop repeating the main lie of the mafia …

CO2 would cause global warming by „positive feedback“?

The failure of the scientific world is inevitable. We need a new way of knowledge sharing. The universities have evolved to cash cows which produce idiots. They are now knowledge brothels of the rich.

We don’t need these snobbish losers, who are deemed to be bearers of intelligence but are dumbest creatures on Earth. The majority of them doesn’t seem to be very smart, but a few deliver some truth. So we may honor them personally not as „scientists“, not as members of a clergy.

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The nearly closed Chemtrail-Blanket (Chemtrail-Ceiling), flat and trimmed.

A chemtrail sprayer with blue shining material.

Here the Chemtrail-Blanket complete with some HAARP-Radiation waves and a fresh chemtrail sprayer beneath the blanket. They don’t spray the same material every time, the shape of the chemtrail varies accordingly.

The Chemtrail-Blanket with high HAARP-Radiation and fresh chemtrail sprayer.

The Cirrus clouds out of chemtrail spraying, and the Chemtrail-Blanket with HAARP-Waves.

Do You see the perfect trimmed Chemtrail-Blanket above the chemtrail sprayer?

The last Cummuli are dissolving into the Chemtrail-Blanket. The webbing structure of the fresh chemtrails is visible.

Look at the colours at the sky and look at Your old photographical pictures and compare please.

Some of the chemtrail clouds come to view in the evening.

Here is a not very old chemtrail.

This cloud is a remainder of an older Chemtrail-Blanket and according to the wave structure has been heated up by HAARP-Radiation.
Can You imagine, that this structures come naturally? Please look into old video and photo documents to compare, if You don’t remember by memory.

We should be near a desert with powerfull wind or near a volcanic eruption to have such Cirrus clouds, but it is in central Germany.

Control Your physical feeling under such a Chemtrail-Blanket with intensive HAARP-Radiation, because it modifies the electromagnetic field in the atmosphere, the air pressure and the quality of sunlight reaching fauna and flora. You will suffer from lack of vitamin-D.

What are the consequences of lacking sunlight and low level of vitamin-D?

Did You hate the old blue sky and begged for a chemical curtain?  I am not blameable, I am fighting it here, because I enjoyed the blue sky and the clear sunlight since my first conscious perception. I am missing it now.

What an ugly Chemtrail-Blanket, what dangerous trimming by radio waves, what a chemical poison sprayed by airplanes.

Do the pilots know, that they are poisoning themselves, their friends, their family and us?

Shame on this overpayed flying idiots, who should be meteorological experts.

Day in and day out, the Chemtrail-Blanket and HAARP-Radiation.

Don’t You feel run down under this Chemtrail-Blanket?

Does this structure look natural for You?

What a fabric? It is part of a conveyer belt build up from Cirrus-Chemtrail clouds.

Rainbow doesn’t look like that. This is the spectral light of the chemical material.

One thing for sure! You don’t need sunglasses under this Chemtrail-Blanket.