Absurdity of CO2 scam!

Dear   is not science, it is a dumb marketing strategy, which is designed like a religion, similar to or   .

Would You claim that the blooming flowers in the desert made the rain?

Would You claim that the sooth and gases made the fire in the chimney?

Would You claim that the sweat made the heat of the body?

Would You claim that the centric waves made the stone, which was thrown onto the water?

Would You claim that the thermometer is responsible for the temperature of the room?

Would You claim that the industrial power of USA is made by the subsidies given to Puerto Rico?

Or would You claim that it is always the opposite?

So why are You claiming that CO2, which is the smallest indicator of temperature variations on Earth can make on a planet, which is open to the universe?

I just try to show You and others that You are poor victims of a ruthless propaganda.

I show You the „collateral damage“ suffering on people and nature!

So just read, critically, in at least two languages and question with content, instead of hollow belief!

As You believe in everything with the attribute of science, please listen to more honest scientists, the longer version of the above:

4 Professors Explain the Science of Climate Change https://youtu.be/oMmZF8gB7Gs

The organizers of „Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management“ are using all means of mass decepetion perfectly. They use NLP, Newspeak, Distraction, Taboo Creation, Pillory, Religion, Fake Science, Fake Journalism, Fake Politics, Fake Authority etc. etc.

People are mentally jailed and get fake good feeling when they obey the orders of „Authority“.

Even the people, who are very critical at anything else, demonstrating for their „rights“ are caught in this invisible cage.

For example, my page is blocked in Germany by some very alternative media hubs, because the managers have convinced themselves, that the „chemtrails“ spin is an invention of #CIA to distract from real crimes. The perfect manipulation has installed the notion „chemtrails“ as and think blockade, sitting at the gate of self-censoring mind.

As they stop at this point, they are totally ignoring the a meteorological questioning of the events.

I assume this methodology as the „perfect crime“ and I am horrified by its efficiency.

Waking up the people from this abuse of mind is a very hard work. It is nearly impossible. You run against many such blockades, that the discussion ends shortly. Most people miss the fundamental basics of knowledge about clouds, aviation, atmosphere. So a successful talk takes some hours, with days in between, to let the people think and break their fences.