Addressing the pilots about SRM!

When talking about Geoengineering and Chemtrails, the listeners impatiently ask categorical questions, without wanting to learn about the boring technical facts, detailed evidence and scientific background, like … 

QUESTION: Are the pilots knowingly involved? Don’t they know that SRM chemtrails are dangerous for health?

ANSWER: The majority of the pilots doesn’t have enough knowledge to be intentional perpetrators! The ignorance is a profound shame of the professional guild! According to their job description they should know and understand it, even if they would use this knowledge only for their own security or because caring for their families, colleagues, not to mention their dumbly trusting passengers!

The pilots are dumb enough to fly through the poisonous aerosol soup and find it „beautiful“!










Because of historic fascination for aviation, pilots enjoy an aura and status, which they don’t deserve – similar to the fallen gods in white, the physicians.

Which active effort is delivered by a pilot, compared a bus driver? A pilot doesn’t know all parts of his vehicle. He hasn’t a rear mirror, which would show him what an airplane releases. He doesn’t decide  at which air corridor, which height he should fly. He doesn’t even need to fly the plane actively. The Technology is far enough to eliminate the need for a pilot at all, to securely start, fly and land a plane. Many pilots are not able to handle an emergency manually.

They are  overpayed and oversupplied, at least the ones working for Lufthansa. Why should maggot complain about the speck?

Doubt about the expertise of the pilots is legitimate. Even if they cannot see what their planes leave behind, they should see the chemtrails of other planes in front of them. In addition they are informed about the toxic fume events, which caused the death and badly health damage up to unemployability on crew, pilots and passengers. The reason of this toxic fumes is blamed on the airplane technology yet.

They could quickly isolate the source of this problem, if they were really fit in Meteorology. Obviously they aren’t and they have dealt with this discipline only theoretically, just to pass the required exam, without being able to relate to and use it practically.

Macabre, that the airplane manufacturers are blamed for the toxic fume events. It is easier to finger point to another instead of using own expertise, which obviously exists only sketchily.—vorfalle-und-info.html

Finally these overpayed pilots, together with the underpayed stewardesses ground staff and the technicians, have to bear the responsibility for life and health of all flying people!

 Folowing, some pictures with chemtrail sprayers: 

04.10.2014 14:22

04.10.2014 13:41, QANTAS  Airways!

04.10.2014 18:41, a sprayer on the left and a non-sprayer on the right side, directly comparable. Is the difference evident enough? The sky is not different! Even the non-sprayer is flying above the Troposphere (ca. 11km), where contrails occur because of -56°C cold. The sprayer flies at about 7km height, where contrails are never seen in Temperate Climate Zone.

04.10.2014 18:41, again direct comparison of a spraying EMIRATES jet (left side) with a non-sprayer (right). It is the DIFFERENCE which counts!!!

04.10.2014 18:40, the long EMIRATES-sprayer above and a much higher flying non-sprayer below.

04.10.2014 18:40, the same EMIRATES-sprayer zoomed in. The Arabs fetch the water with their own planes 😦  How do they pay for it?

04.20.2014 18:35, LAN CARGO, spraying a chemtrail. The sky in the west is nearly covered completely with an aerosol cover.

04.20.2014 18:37, LAN CARGO, finishing its chemtrail and flying without spraying anymore. By the way, many cargo airlines are involved in the Geoengineering project.
04.10.2014 18:33, a futuristic painting? No, it is the current chemtrailed sky!

04.10.2014 18:33, the air, have to be breathed by our children and us. Don’t You feel like fish in the dirty water of an aquarium!