Chemtrails – Condensation – Desublimation!

The shape of Chemtrails depends on the height and climate zone!Within the Temperate Climate Zone where USA and Europe reside the important height borders of Troposphere are as following:ca. 2 km height – beginning of Condensation area – Cumulus clouds formationca. 6 km height – beginning of Desublimation area – Cirrus clouds formationAccordingly Chemtrails under 6km height are result of dirty condensation on blown out fine dust particles andChemtrails above 6km line are result of dirty Desublimation on blown out fine dust particles.As such the Chemtrails above 6km should be technically named Desublimation-Trails not Condensation trails (Contrails).The trails of airplanes, which are not blowing this fine dust for SRM are Condensation trails, because they are only visible for a short time as a result of shock Condensation.