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More posts, explaining other aspects of Geoengineering SRM scam!

War on Tropospheric Water!

Meteorology and Tropospheric SRMCold in MiddleEast!

Killing and dying for war on water and energy Syria, Iraq, Yemen! SRM in Troposphere for more oil gas!

Breaking Empire’s backbone! Thank You Russia! Devil machine!

Weird coalition! Unity of enemies! Domino Effect!

Russia doesn’t fear to talk about its own globalwarming program for drilling into the Arctic ice shield!

Iran under attack with SRM methods over Caucasus and Caspian Sea!

Syria Iraq Yemen under Tropospheric SRM attack!

Zimbabwe under SRM HAARP attack!

Southern Africa under SRM attack!

The Eyes cant see, when the mind is blind!

Coordinates of WATER THEFT! Observe the use of Tropospheric Water for Fracking and Farming in the deserts!
BBC is cowardly admitting Geoengineering SRM HAARP pollution!

Nature is embarrassing the warmist HOAX.

Warmists, give up, Yr silly globalwarming and climatechange propaganda is failing!

Australia’s Fraudulent Climate Change „Science“ Exposed

Airline Passengers Told To Lower Shades During Chemtrail Spraying

Collateral damage of SRM WAR!

Extreme weather is intended by TSRWM!
CO2 rise by Geoengineering Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management reducing photosyntheis! Deconstructing Geoengineering Mafia by simple facts! Killing the trees!

VitaminD deception by VitatimD deficiency and SRM chemtrails! MIH tooth disease!

Burka inhibits VitaminD and destroys the society!

Blaming wild fires on the HOAX of CO2 caused globalwarming and climatechange !


Is it OK to name believers of a Ponzi scheme IDIOTS?

Should idiots rule the world?
Should idiots sign contracts?

Only idiots believe in Ponzi scheme of CO2 finance bubble!

Designed like a religion, dangerous like the mafia!

Bankster Empire of Deception will dump USA and tax air water sunlight and life!

WAKEUP! Only idiots climatemarch for return of global Fascism=Corporatism!

Illogical connection of COP21 with ParisAttacks ! Paris: Die Anschläge and NWO

Dose of terror, abusing solidarity spirit for climate agreement!
COP21 ParisAttacks

Opening Mind!

Open Yr mind for the truth about CO2!

Truth is always of the opposite of lie!

Legalizing the illegal crime!

WAKEUP, LOOKUP and LEARN about Geoengineering SRM!

Real scientists say NO ACCGW!

IPCC is for Geoengineering not science.

Geoengineering: Promise of Swindler!

GreenpeaceWWF etc. are lobby-troyans of Geoengineering Mafia.

How the Geoengineering Scam began!

Protection against NLP fences!

Fake Authority!

Adaptation! What does it really mean for You and all life!

Terrain protection by counter NLP!

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Geoengineering!

How to admit a scam without being cought for crime!

Don’t be fooled by daily conditioning!

Propaganda makes the victim think he/she has decided! Don’t be a victim!

The opposite of lie is the truth! Mann, Hansen, Schellnhuber, Rahmsdorf are liars!

Don’t believe the statistics fakers scientitutes and presstitutes!

Difference and GESTAPO!

See the difference!

The air is polluted and the #water sunshine stolen!

Smoking gun of crime, chemtrails, SRM aerosol clouds.

HAARP as trimming tool of tropospheric SRM:

Chemtrail Arts:

Be proud to be listed in the black list of the Gestapo!
Global Warming Disinformation Database




SRM & Water


No VitaminD

How the water lift of SRM with chemtrails works.

See how the water conveyorbelt by SRM with chemtrails works.

See how water, stolen by tropospheric SRM, is delivered!

Chemtrails are made with coal ash and other industrial trash, used as condensation nuclei!

How hurricans are made with high frequency radiation!

Flying Dumbest!

Chemtrails planes and accidents.

SRM chemtrails and HAARP make aviation very dangerous, aerotoxicsyndrome! Rember Germanwings flight 4U9525, never forget!

Pilots are the dumbest!

Better be a bus driver than a pilot!

90% Clean air, 7% CO2, 2,8% Water vapor! No sooth!

Why are the high bypass turbofan engines are clean?

Opportunists & henchmen, it is time to leave the sinking scam ship!

Liars, jump from sinking ship!

Dimensionen des Denkens! Dümmer geht es immer!

Single Strategy Scam!