Conditioning! SRM Chemtrails!

In addition to the frank Propaganda for actions against human made climate change and global warming there are, as required for a broadly applied marketing of a product, subtle preconditioning of the customers.

The victims shall consider the dangerous modifications of their sky as „normal“ and not resist against the legalization of the illegal pollution of the atmosphere.

Normalization means the conjunction of the modified sky image with good feelings, beginning with the childhood.

Germany pioneers „like ever“ the path!

Because „Ordnung muss sein!“!

If all have to jump over the clips, the German lemmings have to be the first …

and with the best technology „Made in Germany“ overtake all the other lemmings.

At the end, it is for the good sake of saving the world!

Chemtrail- Erziehung in Berlin

Damit wir das als normal erachten! – Chemtrails

Haarp,Chemtrails, sie manipulieren unsere Kinder! Schulbücher!

ChemTrails HAARP in den NEWS im TV!!! v3 Die PHARaonen ¨kündigen im TV ALLES an!

Chemtrails in der Zeichentrick Serie „The Avengers“ Damit die Kinder auch glauben es wäre normal

Schauerliche Chemtrails O2 Werbung – was wollen sie uns DAMIT sagen

Die Konditionierung Von Kindern In Werbung Spielsachen .Zum Thema Chemtrails

WWF wirbt fuer Chemtrail-Genozid Teil1 Teil2

It is inevitable to assume that „Over the Hedge“ is made only for chemtrail marketing, if You concentrate only on the sky images throughout the film. Following three pictures were taken from the TV-screen.

Es wird unvermeidlich anzunehmen, daß „Ab durch die Hecke“ nur für die Chemtrail-Vermarktung erstellt wurde, wenn der Zuschauer beim schauen des Films sich nur auf die Himmelsbilder konzentriert. Die folgenden drei Bilder direkt vom Fernseher aufgenommen.

Some examples from the animation film „Avengers“ from following blog:

And further examples from online friends!

Und weitere Beispiele von Online-Freunden!

The following pictures show the sky, most of the people already deem as „normal“. Do You have a memory how it looked before 1996 ? Look at the old air-show videos, maybe You have Your own image documents from the time frame!

A Chemtrail-Blanket in completing phase. New Chemtrails are closing the still blue hole, in the chmetrailed gray ceiling.

Under such a Chemtrail-Blanket at a height beginning at ca. 6km it is not possible for normal thermal clouds to accumulate and grow.

Here You see the perfectly completed Chemtrail-Blanket and in the horizon also its end. The whole sky is patterned with long stable trail-clouds based on chemical condensation cores.

Another view to the Chemtrail-Blanket, which is accumulating the heat beneath itself, like every blanket.

The blue colour of such chemtrails shows their metallic, possibly aluminum material. With a LIDAR scanner the expert could detect every material, without flying into the airspace. Why don’t they do that?

A sky full of different stages of Chemtrail-Clouds. Such clouds are similar to the natural Cirrus-Clouds, they could also be called artificial Cirrus-Clouds. It is water-farming in the atmosphere, very similar to the farming on the surface of the earth.

Do You think, that this can be natural, the shape of the cloud and colours. I hope, they You are educated enough to now that this is not a rainbow.

Look, this Chemtrail is not blue, also the dispersion shape is different, possibly sulphur-dioxide. Again the strange colouring of the Chemtrail-Cirrus-Cloud.

A zoom in to the dispersing and growing Chemtrail-Cloud.

Here You see the trimming of such a Chemtrail-Cloud by HAARP-Radiation. Please look at the picture in full-size to see the wave structure.

The next stage in the evolution of a Chemtrail-Cloud. It has collected a lot of humidity and sunk down a few. The next level of the Chemtrail-Blanket is in buildup, new Chemtrail are visible. One non-spraying airplane is flying over.

The artificial Chemtrail-Cirrus-Clouds in a further stage and the new Chemtrails above.

The nice yellow of sulphur?!

The traces of Chemtrails become more visible in the evening.

An older Chemtrail-Blanket! It is serving as a water storage at this stage and will be lifted to a higher level by the next Chemtrail-Blanket.

A pale blue sky, with new Chemtrails.

It this a normal sky for You? Should it not look blue between white clouds?

Don’t You wonder about the shape of the clouds? Do You know the difference in the creation of Coummulus and Cirrus?

Look at the HAARP-Waves. Who and how are they made? Why is there a curtain hiding the sun?

Why is the sky so hazy and dirty? Where are the normal thermal cloud?

Don’t You miss the direct sunlight? Do You know that the sunlight is nourishing us with vitamin-D, serotonin etc. ? Curtaining the sunlight affects every living creature!

Don’t deem this sky as normal! Take back Your memory how a natural sky should look! WAKE UP,  LOOK UP and LEARN about the basics of METEOROLOGY? Don’t let a stupid marketing campaign to FOOL YOU!