Criminal stupidity!

Criminal stupidity!

Sea mammals are dying by industrial and military SONAR or HYPER-SONAR of geoengineering!

Experts who ignore this reality are not scientists but professional liars and distractors !

Idiotic environmentalists must be cynicalsadists or payed idiots of the lobby-trojans like #greenpeace #WWF and similar fakes, when they force stranded mammals back to the water, by pretending care taking for the poor animals. 

It is like forcing a person, heavily injured by car accident, back on the street, because he came from there! Stupid „rescuers“ force dying whales into the sea. Idiots are unable to think about the cause of stranding!

In that case stupidity is a crime or the criminals are pretending to be stupid.

30 Dolphins stranding and incredibly saved! Extremely rare event!

Sea water pollution, radiation are additional dangers!

Dead Dolphins In Fukushima Stranding Found With White Radiated Lungs

Warum sterben so viele Wale an der Nordseeküste?–zahl-der-kadaver-an-der-kueste-steigt-6646848.html

11 Pottwale in nur 5 Tagen in der Nordsee verendet!

Right whales threatened by planned seismic surveys along Mid- and Southeastern Atlantic seaboard, say scientists
„A series of seismic surveys for oil and gas planned for the mid- and southeastern Atlantic coastal areas of the United States pose a substantial threat to one of the world’s most endangered whale species, according to a group of renowned marine mammal scientists urging a halt to the surveys in a statement released today.“

Confirming the military causing the death of wales!

Royal Navy Admits Causing Whale Deaths
„Three 1,000lb bombs detonated underwater by the Royal Navy were to blame for the mass stranding and deaths of a pod of pilot whales on the north coast of Scotland in 2011, it has emerged.
The resulting noise damaged their sensitive hearing and navigational ability, causing confusion amongst the pod, and resulting in them accidentally travelling towards the beach where they ultimately died. „

US Navy’s New Sonar Rules May Be Worse for Dolphins and Whales

„Military sonar is a contentious issue among environmental and animal rights activists. The sound waves from military-grade sonar, which the navy uses to hunt submarines, cankill or otherwise impair marine mammals that rely on sound to communicate, hunt, and navigate. And Kaulakahi Channel, with its sizable cetacean population and strong military presence, is on the front lines.“

Following is a distraction from real reasons! Yet another proof that NewScientist is not for science but for imperial propaganda!

All you need to know about whale strandings in the UK and Europe
„Several whales have been stranded on the coasts of the UK, Germany and the Netherlands this week. Here’s the lowdown“