Difference is in the clouds

I didn’t expect this to become an interesting day for analyzing geoengineering clouds, but in the evening it was worth to make following pictures.

If You want to understand the difference between natural (semi-natural) and artificial climate-engineering clouds, then please read the comment to each picture.

I will do it in English to address a audience outside of German speaking areas. For them similar interpretations in other postings are available.

To see the a sky with a perfect Chemtrail-Ceiling please read the posting „Difference of Chemtrail-Ceiling„.

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Degrees In Geo-Engineering And Sustainable Development
The clouds are semi-natural and are looking nearly natural, as a cluster of Cummulus clouds (Cummuli).

They are interconnected but bordered, not like endless flat carpet on days with a complete chemtrail-ceiling. So we can assume the chemtrail-ceiling is not closed and perfect, even if we don’t see it yet.

The Cummuli cluster does not open a window for the sky above.

Only some spot holes with a little bit sunlight opens a lucid moment.

But as said, the border of each Cummulus cloud is visible.
Now a windows opens and we see the blue sky, with a patchy middle ceiling consisting of cirrus clouds. Could they be „natural“. By the way the Cummuli ar moving very fast from west to east. The yellowish cirrus clouds are nearly not moving from the space.

Here we can see the full structure of the Cummuli. The are flat at the bottom and undulating at the top, with clear borders.

At the top this Cummuli are CLEAR WHITE, if the sun shines through.

The flat dirty white cloud in the second ceiling looks different. Is this a chemtrail-cloud? We will see in the next pictures.

More of this second ceiling. The blue sky is cleaner then at the other days. Please look in the other postings, where we could view a perfect chemtrail-ceiling at this level – beginning at ca. 6km.

Another view of the second ceiling. The Cummuli will move away and give us more sight.

Some clearer are suspicious, but wait a bit, if You cannot see it yet.

Again this this suspicious structures, with some lines and waves at the right. Could it be HAARP activity.

Some of the clouds in the second ceiling are thicker, but as You can see, their borders are not clear but diffuse.

A panoramic view.

Now it should be clear for You. Here You can see the trail of a chemtrail-sprayer and the waves of HAARP radiation.

Another view of the chemtrail-cloud and very fresh HAARP waves.

Another view of the chemtrail-clouds.

The HAARP waves on the left side.

Look at the chemtrail-ceiling, it is yellow. The only reason for this colour is the material contributing to the cloud building as condensation core. In that case it could be sulfur.

Another view of the rest of Cummuli and the chemtrail-clouds above of them.

The chemtrail here are not very old, that we can see the flight line.

In between a new condensation level is building up. The chemtrail-ceiling is closing.

Another view of the young chemtrail-couds.

This is part of the buildup of the chemtrail-ceiling shining in a sulfuric yellow colour.

A not very old chemtrail, growing to a long Cirrus cloud.

The other chemtrail-clouds, which are in the process if trimming with HAARP waves. The heated up with radiation for optimal dispersion of the nano-metric condensation material.

Here again chemtrails with HAARP trimming.

In the middle left there is an airplane, which is not spraying a chemtrail. The contrail is short and disappears very fast.

Here si another non-spraying airplane. When we assume that a turbofan turbine shouldn’t produce any contrail, then we could assume that there are to levels of aerosols, one mixed into the fuel and the other more active material sprayed directly into the trail of the plane, but not now.

Here we ca see the thick chemtrail-cloud in the backgraud and some Cummuli in the foreground. In the middle there is the buildup of the chemtrail-ceiling. Because of the high wind activity they don’t spray anymore today.

A clear view of the chemtrail-ceiling buildup with traces of HAARP waves.

Another view of the chemtrail-ceiling. Compare the structure with the Cummulus clouds at the begin of this posting.

Another view of the chemtrail-ceiling, with the thick chemtrail-cloud in the background.

Another perspective to the the chemtrail-ceiling and the chemtrail-cloud.

Another perspective to the the chemtrail-ceiling and the chemtrail-cloud.

Another perspective to the the chemtrail-ceiling and the chemtrail-cloud.