Difference of Chemtrail-Ceiling

In the posting „Difference is in the clouds“ a sky with semi-natural rain clouds was shown, semi-natural because of high chemtrail activity above the cloud level. The rain clouds could grow because there were turbulences between 2km and 4km. Apowerfull wind carried the clouds away, so that a optimal Chemtrail-Ceiling could not build up on that day.

Now You can see how it looks, when the Chemtrail-Ceiling is created „perfectly“. This method is also called „Solar-Radiation-Management„.

Can You see the difference?

Ignore the lamentation about „stratospheric“, „climate change“ and „global temparature“ etc., all that is deviation from the economically profitable water transportation by winds in the Tropopause („The conveyer belt„). No oil industry or Arab dictator would bother about any catastrophe on the earth, as living in the desert is always a catastrophe. Only if the flow of oil and gas would stop because the lack of water for Hydraulic-Fracturing, that would be an unacceptable problem for them.

They steal us and from the flora and fauna the sunlight. With that they steal our water in the atmosphere for having enough water for Hydraulic-Fracturing in the oil and gas regions of Arabian Peninsula.

This a Chemtrail-Ceiling currently under trimming with HAARP-Radiation. The traces of radiation waves are clearly visible.
Compare this Chemtrail-Ceiling with a sky full of rain clouds like in „Difference is in the clouds„.

Here is no beginning and of a single cloud, no structure of a cummulus, no fluctuation in the air. It is the difference between natural and economically cultivated sky.

Another part of the same Chemtrail-Ceiling.
The same Chemtrail-Ceiling with traces of HAARP-Radiation.

Here the further spraying with chemtrails.

Chemtrail-Ceiling with waves of HAARP-Radiation.

Further fresh chemtrails thickening the Chemtrail-Ceiling.

Again the fresh spraying of chemtrails.

With the sinking sun the sky is becoming darker, but the border of this Chemtrail-Ceiling in the east is visible, behind the trees.

The same Chemtrail-Ceiling in the west.

The spraying and trimming goes on.

The view to the north.

The same Chemtrail-Ceiling with some traces of HAARP-Radiation.

A fresh chemtrail shortly beneath the Cehmtrail-Ceiling, that we can see the separation of the material.

In the middle a fresh chemtrail within the thick Chemtrail-Ceiling.