Dimensions of thinking!

For the dumb who are willing to wake up!

If You are patient enough, Your actual intelligence will be measured here!

The processes of life, also the foundation of the whole world consists of simple procedures, which build endless amount of complex structures in combination.

Thus at the basis, each mater is a whirl, each energy a wave in space.

Simple, mechanically interacting molecular structures combined with each other become life. Though, the neuron cells, the chemical messengers, the electrical signals of low-voltage are platform of the world of mind.

Like all the other things, thinking and mind are energy driven and subjected to economic constraints and rules. Complex, tedious thinking and the development of long lasting mind concepts require resources, predominantly time and it needs to accord the expectations, to deliver a long term resource saving and profit. 

Most of the thinking consists in daily repetition of concepts, which may be vary according demand. So it is mainly the management of the variations!

Gradual thinking!

1. Grade

Hens sees corn and picks! Looking, seeing, picking, eating, digesting, absorbing, dropping out!

Most human programmes of thought run the same way. Please image similar process and write them into a comment, if You find nice and common applicable examples.  🙂

2. Grade

Hen sees corn, but doesn’t pick, but realizes the call of the farmer, who is calling back!

Now, two parallel events are combined and one is selected.

3. Grade

Hen interrelates the corn picking with the feeding point in time and waits for the farmer!

Here, a experience of time is integrated, relating with the past: Because yesterday and 08:00 AM corn was spread, the hen assumes that it doesn’t need to invest efforts in looking for food.

4. Grade

Hen expects that the feeding will be pursued also in the future and resigns any search for good feeding areas.

The experiences of the past and the events of the present are used for the projection of the future.

All further mind activities are based on these principles, but more circumstances (variables) are combined with each other, more projections are done for the future and the steps have be accorded dynamically. The memorizing of the action patterns is the process of learning! This dynamic and learning make life adaptable and all that togheter is the intelligence.

Why am I reaching out so far, to explain something, which is self-evident and daily used by the majority, if not by all?

Because I a sure that not only the huge majority of the humanity all over the world doesn’t know anything about the most important development of our times, but is easily distracted by loughable dumb NLP tricks and is dragged like a heard of sheep and wants to jump over the clips like swarm of mad lemmings. Assumably the real lemmings are not as dumb as the humanity!

„It may always become more stupid!“ I would never have assumed that this German proverb expresses a deep wisdom!

Dear naiveinnocent, bad educatedbad informedlazy thinking and big-headed readers, if You are not upset now or have already left this page, than You are at the right place. The deterring first part of the this article served to separate the wheat from the chaff

Not everyone is able to understand everything and not everything can be explained to everyone! The elucidation is always done in waves and the survivors build the first wave are the right audience of this blog. Thank You for Your courage and steadfastness.

Please obtain fundamental knowledge of meteorology and its sub divisions of climatology and nephology.

Question the founding lie of the  Climatism
 sekt, which says!

„CO2 is causing a global greenhouse effect!“

„But only the carbon dioxide (CO2) by human activity is the reason of that and therefore the humanity is sinning against the climate!“

„Man made carbon dioxide (CO2) is causing …

This statement is a chain of lies! Not only the first statement is a lie, which degrades the following chain members to absurdity, but all following statements are lies!

If we would change the statement according evidence and truth, the statements would get a sense!

Enabled by technical development and research in meteorology, particularly in nephology and climatology, it is possible to mange the full global cycles of water and carbon!

Global warming and climate change are disguising marketing names for geoengineering and Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Grabbing (TSRWG)!

By appliance of these methods and technologies the the carbon and water of the troposphere have become harvested commodities.

Tools and methods of industrial harvesting of the troposphere are mainly Sunlight Robbery Menace (SRM = Solar Radiation Management) and HAARP!

The process is applied large scale, at least in whole climate cell and has negative impact on all life, which depends on water carbon and sunlight! Summary notion for all is called Geoengineering or Climate-Engineering or could be also named Climate Business.

The impact of climate business is deadly dangerous!

The practical management is mainly done by buildup of orderly artificial 
aerosol clouds by spreading various industrial fine powders.

The negative impact of SRM and HAARP are …

  • reduction unhindered sunlight,
  • reduction of the spectrum of sunlight, which leads to the
  • reduction of photosynthesis of plants and the mass death of algae and trees,
  • massive increase of wild forest fires by death trees and endless droughts,
  • as indicator of reduced photosynthesis, increasing share of CO2 and decreasing O2 (oxygen) in the atmosphere,
  • reduction of vitaminD production by humans animals and
  • increase of resulting diseases of  vitaminD deficiency,
  • pollution of all troposphere with aerosol dust chemicals,
  • resulting in increase respiratory diseases and
  • creaping poisoning of the body by aerosol chemicals,
  • drought at the coast side by shifting the humidity into desert and water poor regions and
  • increase of inundations in the desert regions,
  • mass death of  der reef-fauna und reef-flora, as the water is harvested at the ocean coasts by SRM and sunlight is reduced, wich leads the …
  • corals to lose their algae and die, as well as all the other animals of the reefs,
  • ice bergs and parts of the northern ice cap and also of south cap melt, because water is harvested also here by SRM,
  • some glaciers which are in the water source regions of SRM are also melted,
  • the chemical pollution of the upper troposphere causes very often cases of toxic fume events in passenger jets resulting in non-treatable damage on the health of the crew and passergers for life and also death,
  • the unusual saturated air of upper troposphere, which would be dry and calm under natural conditions, results in dangerous turbulences, facilitating jet accidents,
  • SRM are HAARP are made to overload natural wind streams with more water and to create artificial streams, which lead to 
  • artificial hurricanes, flash rain, flash super sized hail, and flash floods
  • causing huge damage on property and
  • death and devastation.

The provable truth stays against he climatism lies!
  • Oceans cannot acidify, because they are far basic and alkaline,
  • CO2 and H2O are not heating but cooling the earth surface,
  • CO2 is not the reason, but the indicator of temperature variations,
  • SRM serves commercial water management as well as a military weapon to cause mass annihilation and forced mass emigration!
  • We have alrady entered 3. world war, but its main weapon are not nuclear bombs yet, but SRM!

Why is that done? Who is profiting?

Like ever it serves to gain power and profits and the sustainmant of global empire

  • Follow the water and find petrol and shale gas,
  • follow the petrol and shale gas and find the petrodollar,
  • follow the petrodollar and find the world empire,
  • follow the world empire and find the bankster, 
  • follow the bankster and find the real fraudster, finance bubbler and gangster of the world!

The privatized, stolen, annexed water is mainly used to produce shale gas and petrol by fracking.

The second main pillar industry is the extensive, intensive, automated agriculture in the desert regions!

Is Your mind able to combine and understand so much? 

It takes some time to let all knowledge set down in in mind, however please begin to study desublimation and nephology, go over to the chemtrails and from there conquer the whole world by Your mind!