1. Always a physical distraction
2. Some words on Wilhelm Reich
3. Chembuster scam
4. Distraction as main tool of fraud


1. Always a physical distraction

Whenever something has to be hidden from mind, it has also to be hidden from eyes. 

If the distraction is well done, the eyes won’t see even if it is visible in plain sight, what is hidden from their mind.

The method of distraction is also self applied by people under existential fear and isolation. Fear and hope are packed into a psychological construction and projected far away. This is the main principal of split personality, which is basically a method of survival under very dire conditions.

Distraction always means taking the attention of the victim to the opposite or another direction, away from the crime scene.

When something bad is done in the valley, the fraudster has to distract to the mountain and vice versa.

When some crime is ongoing in the in the west, the fraudster will distract to the east, north, south or elsewhere.

When the crime scene is on the ocean surface, the fraudster will distract to the deep or to the sky.

When it is done in the sky the fraudster has to show into the space and invent some dangers totally disassociated from Earth.

I could give many examples like that, but what needs to be understood is, that the distraction of mind is always accompanied by physical distraction. Whatever we may think or imagine, we do it in a three dimensional world. By the way, this is the essence of the magic of an illusionist (magician).

As the main geoengineering activity is done within the toposphere, mainly the upper part of it, the distraction efforts direct to the stratosphere which is the next layer of atmosphere, bu also to the space.

During my efforts to explain geoengineering I very often get in touch with many people who want to talk about „the reptilian race„, the illuminati, Nibiru (planet X), Venus-Syndrome, space fence, UFOs, FlathEarth, HollowEarthVeganism and very often about Orgonism.

Disregarding the other idiocies which are also used to distract from ongoing geoengineering, the most successful method seems to be a sect like movement, which refers itself to Wilhelm Reich, who used the word orgon as another term for energy, when the character of the energy was not researched enough yet.

2. Some words on Wilhelm Reich

In former times great kings of Egypt, Iran and elsewhere had to proceed a ritual every day in the morning. The priests made the king and the people believe, that if the king would not conduct this ritual, the Sun would not rise that day!

The same applies when the Orgonists get happy by believing in the influence of their gadgets, stones etc.

The idea of ​​Orgon comes from Wilhelm Reich. He coined this term for energy without being able to establish it.

The work of Wilhelm Reich should be respected! He was a pioneer in research about electromagnetic waves and radioactivity.

With his limited resources Wilhelm Reich did some research, without ever fully understanding the nature of energy. When he further went on to question the dangers of radioactivity, he was unceremoniously knocked out, because at that time the nuclear warfare was in development. Negative insights were not desirable.

What he probably tried was, to align radiation with his antennas on clouds and influence the relative humidity of the radiated area. But the US military was already researching and using technology on weather warfare and did not want that Wilhelm Reich would fumble there.

3. Chembuster scam

Chembusters are nonsense and have nothing to do with the research of Wilhelm Reich.

It is possible to change the relative humidity of a pure cloud, dissolve the condensation, but chemtrails are not pure water clouds, they are aerosol clouds.

Aerosol clouds have always a different chemical component, bonding with water. This material could be fly ash, sulfur or any other chemical trash as fine dust.

If an existing dirty aerosol cloud would be heated by any radiation, first water would be partially solved from the dust material. Thereby, this area would become transparent for a short time. The steam would rise slightly upwards, but as soon as the temperature has cooled down, the humidity would bind to the dust and aerosol clouds would become visible again.

Radiation with high frequent energy is anyway used to trim these aerosol clouds by the operators of geoengineering. The toy antennas of Orgonists are not required and they could not deliver the enough energy. If chemical dust is there, the moisture will bond on the dust particles in the evening when the sun is gone.

The spraying of fine dust particles to build aerosol and artificial cirrus clouds is done to manage tropospheric water. The flow of wind-water streams in the upper troposphere is dynamic. There is not a flow bed like for a river on the ground. Some areas may be not sprayed for days, weeks or months depending on season and flow dynamics.

Does it become understandable why I call it a nonsense?

That said, it is a distraction scam for unsuspecting and it has nothing in common with the original work of Wilhelm Reich. It is more of a twist, a perversion of his modest,  incomplete efforts. Spreading this scam is a posthume abuse of Wilhelm Reich and also the scam spreaders are abused, because they don’t know what they are talking about.

Please think about the analogy of saltwater. If all the water have been evaporated, would the salt disappear?

The absurdity of the Orgonism is that the followers are so naive to believe that they can „fight“ intentionally blown out fine dust by „orgon-radiation“.

The lack of knowledge proves that it is a scam for people with low level knowledge.

As long as anybody comes with such schemes to geoengineering discussion he/she always doing a distraction job!

Please don’t try to discuss with me about all these distraction schemes, talk with me only about the aspects of geoengineering.

4. Distraction as main tool of fraud

If the fraud cannot be hidden from eyes, it has to be hidden from minds.

Geoengineering cannot be hidden from eyes, because all water grabbing is done within the troposphere, where everyone with normal sight can observe it, like all passenger jets are observable.

The imagination is limited by the extend of the knowledge!

Fake knowledge distracts imagination!

The heavy, omnipresent distraction prevents the victims to see with their minds.

The biggest scam is marketed as science, because science is the last cornerstone of trust! No one trust priests, politicians, journalists but science is not mistrusted, questioned or discussed by non-scientists!

The legacy religious institutions, even the Roman Catholic Pope are weak and naive enough to submit themselves under this fake religious scam and expose their own beliefs as totally baseless and useless.

Most macabre is the morbidity of the science community, where its members are exposing themselves as the dumbest on our planet. They are like the religious clergy, whose power comes from rituals and hierarchy, not from knowledge and evidence.

They are all easily hijacked, distracted and submitted under the biggest fraud, biggest finance bubble, biggest attack on all life.