Dumping of professional liars! Jump from sinking ship!

All greedy, criminal, opportunist, saliva licking henchmen of Geoengineering Mafia!

The Mafia got signatures of nearly all states under the Paris Climate Agreement! Your expensive liar job is not needed anymore!

The costs of financing the propaganda were very high. the owners of scam did not expect to finance so many and huge climate conferences and many thousands of professional or naive liars

In the meantime the whole case has become very hot, because the damages and deaths by Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management (TSRWM or SRM) have become enormous. 

Automatically questions arise, if the production of fossil oil and gas and the conducting of industrial farming in the deserts of Arabia and USA can compensate the losses at home, in Europe, other parts of USA and also in Australia and elsewhere!

The most destructive Damokles sword is the breakdown of the construction of lies in public realm.

Indeed the science cast has failed miserably, but common resistance from the midst of the society is growing day by day exponentially and cannot be ignored anmore. This awakening could endanger the existence of the current bacon rind of the societies and the mugs living there.

Politics, Science, Media, Churches, Environment Movement, Peace Movement and others have unconsciously delivered or sold themselves out of naivety, dumbness, greed or criminal intentions to the Geoengineering Mafia!

We are facing huge upheavals. Similar to the marginalization of legacy media by social networks and bloggers, the institutional science will experience a landslide, which will bury the majority of them!

The scars caused by Climatism scam are immense and not curable!

Now, Geoengineering Mafia doesn’t need You anymore!

You are redundant!
You are rubbish!
You are finished!

Jump from sinking stinking ship of ugly lies now!

Change the side now!

Save Your ass, be a good opportunist!

Just to pretend having been somehow a scientist, journalist or politician!

If You don’t want to end in jail or become despised by the real followers of Your pretended profession, pretend to be manipulated?

Don’t You listen the ringing bells?

‚Thrown on the scrapheap‘: Global sea-level expert John Church made to walk the plank by CSIRO http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/global-sealevel-expert-john-church-made-to-walk-the-plank-by-csiro-20160513-gov0k9.html

Vorwürfe gegen Klimaforscher: Wahn der Weltverbessererhttp://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/natur/klimafalle-von-storch-und-krauss-ueber-politik-und-klimaforschung-a-885364.html

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