Earthquakes for Fracking!

It is like talking about clouds, growing grass, trees, blowing wind etc. as all these exist also naturally. Having something in nature, doesn’t mean that it cannot be induced artificially. For a layman it may be hard to see the difference between natural and industrial clouds, because when the knowledge is missed, the imagination cannot develop.

So how can we see the difference between natural and artificial earthquakes? 

How can we associate earthquakes with any seismic activity?

It is simple, we observe if any tool of seismic blasting, any kind of „research“ or production activities for hydraulic fracturing of shale oil and gas is done in a region.

Even that correlation may now become hard, because particularly in the USA no region is safe from fracking. Earthquakes and poisoning is the „new normal„. Now hydraulic fracturing is applied all over the world. People die in Latin America, New Zealand, Indonesia and elsewhere. It is not very difficult to observe the result. The fracking sites and wells can be seen on satellite images from google or other providers. You just need to learn how they look.

We cannot assume that the perpetrators trigger earthquakes just for fun and without any profitable intention. The earthquakes are always part of the preparation and extension of a shale gas extraction site.

They may use also other technologies, but the foremost method are huge explosions, probably with civil nuclear explosives, which always cause a detectable earthquake. I don’t buy the idea, that it is only caused by pressing water into the wells, because before they can press the water the rock formation need to be already cracked. They press the water vapor, together with fine quartz sand and some oil binding chemicals, probably Tensides, after the rock is brocken in fine pieces. The quartz sand server as a separator material to prevent the closure of rock fissures.

Sometimes, the explosion serves as a leverage for triggering a huge and disastrous earthquake. As long as the geoengineering mafia is not under control and not disclosing its criminal activities by hiding behind state secret protection, apologized by the need for „energy security„, we should assume any earthquake on Earth as a criminal act.

How can we forget the death and damage in Haiti, Italy, Costa Rica, Indonesia etc. etc.

Collection of News and Documents

Earthquakes! Fracking Can Trigger Earthquakes
„Multiple studies have concluded that injection increases the likelihood that large earthquakes elsewhere will set off earthquakes near the injection site. Instances of remote triggering happen when faults are “critically loaded” with high pressures of fluid.5

It’s Official: Injection of Fracking Wastewater Caused Kansas’ Biggest Earthquake
Energy Oct. 14, 2016 10:45AM EST
„The Wichita Eagle noted from the study that this man-made quake, which hit 40 miles southwest of Wichita and felt as far away as Memphis, likely came from just one or two nearby wells. The publication ominously noted that, „one of those two wells, operated by SandRidge Energy, is still injecting water at the same level as when the earthquake occurred two years ago.“
The USGS scientists believe that the 4.9-magnitude earthquake was triggered by wastewater injection for the following reasons:“

Induced Earthquakes

„Within the central and eastern United States, the number of earthquakes has increased dramatically over the past few years. Between the years 1973–2008, there was an average of 21 earthquakes of magnitude three and larger in the central and eastern United States. This rate jumped to an average of 99 M3+ earthquakes per year in 2009–2013, and the rate continues to rise. In 2014, alone, there were 659 M3 and larger earthquakes. Most of these earthquakes are in the magnitude 3–4 range, large enough to have been felt by many people, yet small enough to rarely cause damage. There were reports of damage from some of the larger events, including the M5.6 Prague, Oklahoma earthquake and the M5.3 Trinidad, Colorado earthquake.“
„This increase in earthquakes prompts two important questions:
  • Are they natural, or man-made?
  • What should be done in the future as we address the causes and consequences of these events to reduce associated risks?“

„Increasing Rate of Earthquakes Beginning in 2009“

The real Hockey Stick!

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World’s Biggest Seismic Testing “Blast” Ship – Amazon Warrior – Parked on top of New Zealand Fault Line
Source: Media Whores, November 14, 2016

Study confirms link between fracking, earthquakes in Western Canada

Earthquake Experts: Yes, Fracking Earthquakes Are A Thing
May 3rd, 2014 by Tina Casey

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World’s Biggest Seismic Testing “Blast” Ship – Amazon Warrior – Parked on top of New Zealand Fault Line

Earthquake Experts: Yes, Fracking Earthquakes Are A Thing

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