Elusive structures, smoking gun, condensation cores!

Clouds are elusive structures, as well as the whole phenomenon of weather, at least for the uneducated perception.

Diverse cloud formations are known and light-color-games are observable in the sky. Therefore it is difficult to clarify the difference between cultural and natural weather.

It is easier on the surface. Any layman (nearly any) will see the difference between a agricultural corn field and a wild meadow.

Let me tell You firmly! The nature doesn’t spray nano-particles behind the airplanes, serving as condensation cores to create ordered cirrus clouds and least of all, nature will never trim the this webbed ice clouds with directed high frequency radio waves (HAARP).

If You didn’t understand the other explanations on this blog, then cramp on this point! It is the proverbial „smoking gun“ in a crime scene or the opener of the zipper. Use it to decode all the rest!


Video of spraying airplane?

01.10.2014 17:13, the sky could look like this naturally, if it fine dust was scattered by a volcanic eruption , so that a thin ice cloud cover had formed over thermal clouds. No, unfortunately the particulate matter comes from the chemtrail sprayers.

01.10.2014 18:44, the sky is already covered with a wide dust-ice layer. In the evenings, this is more transparent by less solar radiation and reduced temperature differences. The spraying planes do not cease to pollute the sky. The natural gas production with hydraulic fracturing in the Middle East is waiting for the water supply. As much water must be bound in height.

01.10.2014 17:27, at the edge of the chemtrail ceiling enormous storm clouds pile up. As a result of artificial lift by the thermals under the chemtrail ceiling at the edge dry cold air packages decline towards the surface. The encounter with the relatively warm and humid air layers leads to the condensation of the vapor to these structures. On the fronts that may lead to extreme rainfall as torrential rain, huge hailstones and tornadoes

01.10.2014 17:12, Remaining clouds within the chemtrails ceiling with storm clouds on the edge.

01.10.2014 17:27, zoomed in storm clouds.

01.10.2014 17:13, an artificial cirrus ceiling above natural cumuli. They will absorb the radiation, reflect it to warm the air layer between them and dragging the condensation border to their height. As a result, the cumuli will dissolve.

Yo don’t believe it? You don’t need to, here you are not in the church 🙂 Just keep regularly watching the sky, even if you deem the process as natural at the end. You will learn a lot and broaden your horizons. Promised!!