Failed or fake alternative media!

Two alleged „icons“ of free speech and alternative journalism, Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky are failing to understand Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management (TSRWM) and are deceived by the propaganda of geoengineering mafia! 

I deem both of them as dumb fake intellectuals, because I don’t dare to imagine that these people could be such cheap henchmen working for the water thieves and war criminals, devastating now the entire Greater Middle East with war on water and energy resources.

Breaking Free: A Rising Tide of Climate Resistance
But they are not alone. Three famous and appreciated news distributing websites in Germany lead by Jens Blecker lead by Marcel Bartels lead by Daniel Neun

These three websites are doing a very good job by distributing a lot of alternative opinions and news, but when it comes to Climatism they fail, because they „believe“ the idea of chemtrails is a distraction scheme of CIA. 🙂 🙂 I have to lough whenever I thing about them. They are falling into this NLP trap.

Dear Marcel, Jens and Daniel, Your censoring is hubris of yet another fake authority. Your are blocking the right on information of the society because of Your personal incapability

Another less alternative and less important blogging platform named „Der Freitag“ is also blocking and deleting accounts if anybody dares to question the Climatism Ponzi Scheme and a leading priest of this Climatology Church like Hans Joachim Schellnhuber.

Please read only the comments in this article, specifically the ones written by „EHEMALIGER NUTZER“ (former user).

Another big fail is Paul Craig Roberts. Like many others he lacks knowledge about Meteorology and Geoengineering, so he repeats the propaganda without hesitation.

Climate Change — Paul Craig Roberts

As Prof. Michel Chossudovsky trusts Paul Craig Roberts, this article is republished on his platform !

Other blind trusting followers of Paul Craig Roberts also refer to him and support the scam!

Whom to believe?

However, Paul Craig Roberts may wake up by himself:

Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race — Paul Craig Roberts

Also the highly appreciated platform is entrapped, when it comes to climate scam.

But maybe Harold Saive will wake up the other veterans:

Climate Change Weapons and Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

To be blocked by the mouthpieces of Bankster and Perverts Empire of Deception (BPED)is an honor but to be blocked by the self declared and deceiving alternative media is sad and painful.

Censoring Freedom by Blocking

Dear Marcel Bartels, Daniel Neun, Jens Blecker, Paul Craig Roberts,
Michel Chossudovsky, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky …

please wake up. You are embarrassing Yourself by following the biggest and most dangerous Ponzi scheme of mankind like any other sheeple.

Everything propagated about climate change and global warming is a lie and the opposite is always the truth!

  • Millions have to leave their countries and homes because of TSRWM and war on water routes.

Imagine there is a new Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), and an undeclared ongoing WWIII where this WMD is the main weapon. The media whores of BPED are silent or distracting, but the „alternative media“ is victimized by dumbness and distraction and unable to inform You!

Public consciousness is a result of public communication!

I recommend to everybody not to depend on any centralized media, main stream or fake alternative. Internet is open for every one. Communication should never be occupied by „icons“, as they evolve to priests of yet another fake authority!

With the background knowledge from this blog, please read following article, which proves that Mr. Chomsky is a fake intellectual, a made up academic celebrity for mass manipulation!

Noam Chomsky: The Doomsday Clock Is Nearing Midnight

The academic celebrities are designed in a similar way like Hollywood stars, best serving politutes or presstitutes. They are hyped, get space on public channels, are invited to all discussions are interconnected with similar puppets. They are pushed to take the role of fake academic leaders.

The support for Geoengineering Mafia by propagating about Climate Change and Global Warming, Climate Catastrophe, Doomsday etc. is the Litmus Test for separation of propagandists from real intellectuals.

Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Amy Goodman are made up academic celebrities, not better than trash celebrities!