Fake 97 per cent consensus

First, science is not decided by consensus! Any consensus in science is ridiculous. Consensus is politics!
Second, even this political consensus is fraud! Not scientist but two propagandists claimed that they checked 14000 papers and found out that scientist would support human made global warming.
But from this 14000 they counted every paper where they found the words „global warming“ and „climate change“ and invented the „97% consensus“.
Practically only 64 claimed that humans are the primary cause of global warming, but after re-reading only 41 papers out of the 14000 were telling that humans are the explicit reason of global warming. So only 0.29% of articles were claiming this.
We are not talking about number of scientists, maybe some of the remaining papers came from a smaller group of writers. Think by Yourself, what kind of statistics is that. I call it intentional manipulation and fraud!
As they hand not enough papers for support, they counted even the papers of opponents of human made global warming as part of the consensus.
The 97% Consensus? Global Warming Unmasked! https://youtu.be/yTTaXqVEGkU

Professor Bob Carter – The Faux „97% Consensus“ – 10th ICCC https://youtu.be/5NinRn5faU4