Fake authority!

  • Reason of Authority
  • Weakness of Society
  • Dane Wigington, The Unwilling False Prophet
  • The Science Cast
  • Break the NLP code!
  • Mr. Monckton, the super-distractor!

Reason of Authority

When we are children, we have to trust the most natural authority, our parents! We cannot just leave our parents, we have to love them as they have to love their children!

When we are at school, we have to accept our teachers as authority. OK nowadays this is less often done. Hard times for teachers! 🙂

When we are soldiers at war, we have to accept the military commanders as authority for coordinated fighting against the enemy! We don’t need to trust and love our commanders, we may event desert or change sides if possible, but we have to obey the orders and risk our lives as long as we defend the same land, same people and the common values! We do that not for the commanders, but to protect our families, our friends, our resources, our culture and all what we like and love!

When we work for a company, we have to accept the management as authority for corporate decisions. We don’t need to trust and love our managers, we may even seek to replace them or just leave the company.

What is the definite reason for accepting an authority?

  1. We cannot have all information for getting the work done. In a complex society the knowledge has to be divided, to make each knowledge owner more efficient!
  2. We cannot do everything by ourselves, we need to be interdependent and interconnected with other individuals!
  3. We have to share the responsibilities, divide the work and trust others to reach a common goal
  4. This is the foundation of every society, which is a fundamental strategy of living and survival!

Weakness of Society

This powerful strategy is also the weakness of every society, because also the gangsters, banksters and perverts can use and abuse it!

  1. Veracity of information is never transparent for every layer within the hierarchy.
  2. Intentions of individuals are never transparent!
  3. Justness of actions and results are never transparent!
  4. Goals are never transparent!
  5. Success is never transparent!
  6. Sharing of wealth is never transparent!
  7. Principles are never transparent!
  8. Meaning of notions are never transparent!

So it is easy to build scam bubbles by using this weakness! As long as the communication of the goals and steps are devised in a way of trustability, legality, inevitability and supported by fear mongering of loss and strategy of tension to create virtual fences, the society can be steered like a herd of sheep!

Such a society cannot be called „people“ but deserves to be named „sheeple„.

We are more sheeple than people, as long as the belief in authority is the main steering method of our society!

Except the authority of our parents all authority is FAKE!

Belief in authority is always manifested in religions!
Every fraud has to be designed like a religion and has to develop institutions of hierarchy like a religion. OK, I could now say „religion is fraud“, but this is not my point, obviously a high percentage in the society needs a faith, which may serve for good.

Let us better keep the statement as „Every fraud has to be designed like a religion!

So if we want to inspect a fraud system, we have to look after following properties:

  1. Authority
  2. Hierarchy
  3. Taboos
  4. Priests
  5. Perversion
  6. Finance Bubbles
  7. Power
  8. Legitimation
  9. Legalization
  10. Deniers
  11. Heresy
  12. Persecution

All that is available in the frame of Climatism and IPCC as its „top authority.

We can only break this scam, if we dissect it by knowledge, because now fraud presents itself as SCIENCE , similar to other most dangerous frauds of our times like Eugenics, Racism, Communism etc.! Scientific fraud is the most cunning and we have many of them!

We have to be careful not to follow their NLP traps and create sub-authorities, whose intention is to fight the scam but works for it, because of staying within the NLP fences of the fraud!

Dane Wigington, The Unwilling False Prophet

A very bad example of a fake sub-authority is the work of Dane Wigington! It is not his fault, because he may not have the intention to become a fake authority, but really wants to fight geoengineering

Without having the complete knowledge, full understanding of the interconnections and taking the „scientific fraud as science„, he accepts the NLP fences of the scam and walks with all his sheeple, who follow him, to the gate, which leads to the slaughterhouse, where other sheeple of IPCC are already knocking the doors!

Sheeple of IPCC!

For Dane Wigington to escape this cam, he would need to … 

1. know enough about Troposphere,
2. know all about Water Physics,
3. take a satellite perspective and look from above,
4. think in scales of at least Climate Cells,
5. observe the water routes,
6. observe where it comes down,
7. observe how it is used there and
8. observe what else is going on around, like wars around a region!

Sorry to say this, but Dane has not reached this point of knowledge yet. I have tried to reach him by social media, but without success until now!

Dane’s problem is that he is too much following the designed NLP paths. He treats the NLP henchmen as „scientists“, he takes their propaganda papers as „serious studies“ etc. So Dane is hindering himself and others. Dane believes that their claims about global warming and climate change by CO2 has some actual meaning.

But maybe he will stumble on this post soon and wake up himself and his followers, who deem him as their authority and follow him blindly, because they are lazy thinkers. 🙂 They „protect“ him by building an impenetrable wall against information around him.

Just to complete my critique about Dane Wigington!

9. Dane repeats the propaganda about appliance of SRM in the StratosphereDane is using their terminology like „Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI)„. If he would know about Atmosphere and Troposphere, he would understand that the notion „Stratosphere“ is used to distract from „Troposphere„, as 99% of atmospheric water and ca. 80% of total air mass exists only in the Troposphere. Any kind of water seeding by „aerosol injection“ has to be done where the water is.

10. Dane repeats the propaganda about global warming and and climate change, by repeating the lie about using SRM methods against it!

11. Dane repeats the lies about methane being another „greenhouse gas„, causing „global warming“.

The scam designers must be cocaine addict, lazy but greedy Hollywood morons, as they apply their „terror“ scripts like cheap scripts for catastrophe films which are used many times. Greenhouse gases are criminalized like star terrorists of „war on terror“. When the popularity of a top star seems to sink a new more gruesome is invented. As the lies about CO2 meet the reality and fall apart, the scam house is placing Methane as the next „terror greenhouse gas“. 

What is the reality of Methane in air?

CH4 ist Methan! It reacts with sunlight and burns to H2O and CO2 by releasing heat!

Full list of components of Atmosphere:
Nitrogen                78.000000%
Oxgen                 21.000000%
Argon                  0.934000%
Helium                 0.000520%
Neon                  0.001820%
Krypton               0.000110%
Xenon                 0.000009%
Radon                 0.000000% (insignificant)
Methane (CH4)       0.000180%
CO2                    0.037000%
Remaining             0.026361% (Other trace gases S0x, N0x etc.) 
Total         100.000000%

So what is the role of Dane Wigington in this screen play? Is he a crisis actor?

I was banned from some social groups, because of criticizing Dane as he is deemed as a „leader of the community against geoengineering“! As to be expected from sheeple, many of his followers did not answer to the point of my critique, didn’t deliver any knowledge, they just began to insult and protect the „integrity“ and „leadership“ of Dane.

IMHO not Dane is the problem, as he may not have all knowledge, he also may work for geoengineering instead of fighting it, but the sheeple following him without questioning, without own knowledge and ideas, they prevent also Dane from questioning his mistakes and improving himself.

Is there a hierarchical community and does it have some gurus? Are we adding a new fake authority to all the other ones? Didn’t we want to break the censorship, the mainstream fraud, the oppression? Didn’t we want to research, study, learn and fully explain all aspects of geoengineering?

The Science Cast

More than Dane, the science community has to be blamed, because they are responsible idiots of this misery and most of them, even trying to disprove global warming, don’t understand what is really going on now! Most scientists are lost in fake statistics!

The notion scientist equals to dumbest idiot now!
This community doesn’t deserve the respect it enjoyed for a long time!

The science cast is the worst fake authority of mankind, because it was the last and most trusted layer of social hierarchy!

Did we ever wanted a caste system? So down with them without mercy!


Just to repeat for remembering!

SRM will never be applied in the Stratosphere, it has to be applied in the Troposphere, because ..

1. 99% of Atmospheric water exists only within the Troposphere!

2. SRM is a method of WATER SEEDING, so it can be applied only where water exists!

3. What we observe now is the implementation of Water Management by SRM within the TROPOSPHERE!

Dane also fears to use the word chemtrails, because NLP suggests it as a „bad word„. So Dane is a NLP victim like most of the people! He has to escape this mental trap. I hope he will!

Break the NLP code!

People are programmed by language. So we need to be precise with using notions, name the things and the people as they deserve, not as they are promoted.

People are fenced and herded like cattle within NLP constructions. We have to shatter these fences, they exist and are more powerful than physical ones.

Please look at my comments, articles and infographics and correct me, help me to improve, that we can improve together. Look for the errors, shortcomings and help to break the NLP walls.

Never ever should anyone of us become a fake authority and be protected from critique by dumb people who only believe and follow. I don’t want to be followed by sheeple.

Never ever should anyone be protected by dumb followers. We need to raise intelligence and eliminate dumbness, because dumbness and herd mentality is our biggest weakness now. The abusers know that and they professionally abuse us.

Thank You for improving, correcting and sharing.

Mr. Monckton, the super-distractor!

Mr. Monckton is a distractor, whose job is to create a fake credibility by telling some truth, aber never talking about the core truth!

He plays the dumb, when confronted with chemtrails. He talks like the puppets of IPCC, about „peer reviewed papers“ and exposing himself as a puppet of the same crime gang.

Another breeding center of fake uthority breeding center is the „Nobel Prize“ theater
107 people of fake authority are dumb, bribed and/or blackmailed enough to demand from the other hypocrite brainwash center, Greenpeace, to give up its resistance agains GMO food.  This trick suggests as if Greenshit would have the „authority“ to decide about GMO food for all! 

107 Nobel laureates sign letter blasting Greenpeace over GMOs

William Engdahl wrote a very nice article about that! 🙂
Nobelpreis schützt vor Blödheit nicht
Nobel prize doesn’t protect from dumbness!