Geoengineering, Solar Radiation & Water Management

The topic I am explaining requires from the reader attaining some basics about Meteorology, specifically about mechanisms of cloud formation, different kind of clouds for being able to use and abuse them for artificial weather warfare or commercial harvesting of tropospheric water.

The technology comes into the public as Stratospheric Solar Radiation Management to stop globalwarming. When notorious liars tell You that they want to save the climate, feed the poor, bring peace etc. You have to expect the opposite of them, because the truth is always the opposite of lie. A swindler has always to tell lies to his victims.

First thing You have to understand is that they say Stratospheric (ca. 21km – 50km) but mean Tropospheric (0km – ca. 11km over Europe & USA). As I don’t want my comment being blocked again, I will not put links here. So please search for „CO2_Molecule_of_Life.pdf“ to get the basics about CO2 first. Because all this house of lies about man made globalwarming & climatechange is built on the profound lie about CO2.

Think about a slogan of mine „Don’t blame the SWEAT for the HEAT!“ Put that together with „enkidu gilgamesh“ into Your search to find a infographic JPG, showing some main aspects of clouds.

What they basically do is steering the thermal heat & tropospheric water by building artificial ice clouds, based on intentionally sprayed fine dust from ca. 6km up to ca. 12km. At the beginning these artificial aerosol ice clouds built up along the the trail of the dust spraying jets. Therefore these are called chemtrails to separate them from contrails. Within an hour they are trimmed by high frequency radiation and build a white cover blocking the sunlight, collecting the humidity, drying out the area around and lifting more humidity from lower layers. Such chemtrails and artificial covers are the practical appliance of TROPOSPHERIC Solar Radiation Management.

The target of global Empire is to grab the full global cycle of WATER & CARBON! Therefore the first create a psychology of guilt by asking You about Your „water footprint“ & „carbon footprint“. This is Neuro Linguistic Programming or as George Orwell named it Newspeak, masterly designed and applied to steal air, water, sunlight & soil and damage the health of all living creatures without being punished for this crime.

I am explaining that in my blog-posts in more detail, with translations in various languages. Most of it is primarily English or German. If You have understood the topic and would like to translate into another preferred language, please contact me. I will integrate Your translation under the symbol flag of this language.

This technology is causing huge collateral damage, with extreme weather events, but as long as the people accept the event being the result of man made globalwarming, they can only blame themselves.

Most people lack the knowledge, so they cannot understand what I am telling here. However please take care about Your VitaminD level and of Your children. By blocking the sunlight, most people don’t get enough UV-B rays, even when they are outside every day. VitaminD is produced under our skin with UV-B radiation during the optimal sunlight during the noon time. Children & elderly people are affected harder, as old people need more sunlight to get enough VitaminD and children need it to build their bones and teeth and to grow.