HAARP waves!

Now some words about (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) HAARP.

Official goal of HAARP was to investigate the Ionosphere by directing high-frequency radio waves to this layer of the atmosphere. Under the motto, „we just heat the Ionosphere, let’s see what happens next„.

The Ionosphere can be imagined as a highly positively charged cloud that cannot discharge onto the negatively charged Earth surface under natural conditions, because the Stratosphere and Troposphere as neutral, non-conductive layers prevent this.

What damage could be done if these highly strained cloud (Ionosphere) would get a line to the earth’s crust? Can you imagine a discharge of the Ionosphere?

The application of high-frequency radio waves in the Troposphere and the Tropopause for Climate Engineering may have a different name, but because of fame and grip the acronym HAARP is also used in this Blog.

Geoengineering is just another extended, upside down method of agriculture or „mining“, the methods can be described with agricultural or artisanal analogies.

What is the plow for the field, the wooden spoon for soup or comb for wool, that is HAARP is for ClimateEngineering.

To prevent the sprayed condensation nuclei from clumping too fast & forming large ice crystals and raining down too early, the resulting chemtrail carpet must be systematically trimmed. Trimming can be observed very well in the first few seconds. The trimmed sky area appears as sharp ripping, bent, successive narrow shafts.

Thus it transmits better!: US-Plasma-Bombs shall „polish“ the skies!

More background knowledge and HAARP as a weapon:



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05.10.2014 14:49, fresh Chemtrail in the middle.
05.10.2014 12:45,, the sky was covered, it is not visible here but chemtrail sprayer flew over it.

05.10.2014 14:49, beneath the cumuli (ca 2km), above the chemtrail cover (ca. 7km) with fresh trails and on the right half of the image, clearly visible HAARP waves.
05.10.2014 14:49, beneath the cumuli, above the thin chemtrail cover. By warming the area beneath the chemtrail border the cummuli will be dissolved.
05.10.2014 19:15, another view on the chemtrail cover.

05.10.2014 19:15, here the HAARP waves are fresh & clearly visible.

05.10.2014 19:15, also with clearly visible HAARP waves.
05.10.2014 19:16, the chemtrail cover above the thermal clouds is nearly completed is is strengthened by further spraying of aerosol dust.
05.10.2014 19:16, the sprayed sky with the remaining view of HAARP waves on the right side.