A Greater Military Role for Germany?


The False Promise of Nuclear Fusion———————————————————————

The slight rise of CO2 level is a direct result of less sunlight blocked by SRM!

#SRM means less photosynthesis so less CO2 can be cracked to relase O2.
That means less oxygen for animals!

SRM is an direct attack on life system!


Is Islamic State now equipped with a NATO air force?


Iran and India to Build $4.5 Billion Pipeline


Clearing queations!

@Enkidu_G I for one claimed my ignorance. Take care of yours before calling others names. That’s all a meant to say to you, after all.

@digitalErmit I did not call You ignorant, just asked to deliver Your knowledge! Repeating the daily #geoengineering slogans is not enough!

Adam ‏@digitalErmit 1 Std.vor 1 Stunde

@Enkidu_G I think your message is too militant and confuse for the matter, almost in line with oil industries (CO2 cooling is a new trend).

Enkidu Gilgamesh ‏@Enkidu_G 1 Std.vor 1 Stunde

@digitalErmit Come on, why is it militant to say that hotter air can rise adiabatically higher than less hot air? It is not politics.

nkidu Gilgamesh ‏@Enkidu_G 1 Std.vor 1 Stunde

@digitalErmit The oil & gas industry is the main consumer of tropospheric #water managed by #SRM! You see again, the opposite is the truth!

Adam ‏@digitalErmit 1 Std.Vor 1 Stunde

@Enkidu_G stay open, take careÜbersetzung anzeigen


Why the Global Bankster Empire of Deception cannot be rescued anymore?
Why is it better to dump it now & rescue the USA?

I know that since more than one year the geoengineering mafia is blowing new lies about Methane (CH4) being more dangerous than CO2.

As all propaganda about CO2 is a heap of lies, this is more absurd about Methane.

Is Dane Wigington unable to understand the strategy, that he is posting such a distraction propaganda on his website?

Do You have direct contact to him?

Dear Lora, thank You for the current retweets!

Do You understand my explanations?

Yes I do. More CO2 means more rain and we are heating up and droughting out. Aluminium is falling.

No Lora, CO2 has no point in all that.

CO2 is used by the geoengineering mafia, to cover their air pollution for water theft.

For full understanding, You need to jump out of the NLP gate, they have designed to distract from their activities, because they know it is a crime and dangerous.

Look, if the huge oil & gas industry had access to the real rich fields of Russia, Venezuela, Iran & Africa, they would not frack in USA & Arabia and they would not be compelled to use tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management.

They are in a dilemma, economic capitulation or total war.

For understanding the full topic You need to look at the full climate cell, where SRM is applied to collect the water & where the water comes down in floods!

So it is not an accident that California has drought & Texas gets floods. The amount of water in a cell is limited. It the water is moved to the the desert, the coast becomes new desert.

OMG You are right. We will have economic capitulation which will lead to man VS man and our extinction unless we can expose usury.

The same process between Europe and North-Afrika / Arabia. The petroldictators of Arabia can produce so much oil & gas because of delivered water by SRM.

ELEPHANT in the room is #SRM for #water #theft! … …

I am collecting in this posting a lot of videos about water deliver by SRM. The desert is overflooded.

Lora are You there? I could not send the last message!

I wanted to say that the air space route for the water delivery by SRM and the pipeline routes to transport the produced oil & gas to Europe are the reason for wars in Greater Middle East.

Ok, the amount of fotos is limited. Therefore I could not send You additional graphics.

However You will find them in my blog posts.

Do You understand what I am explaining all the time?

Be sure that the competitors know about this disadvantage of the dying global empire, I mean Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, China and others.

But they will not & they do not the risk their interest for rescuing a dying empire. The dying empire is destroying & damaging on its fight for survival, but nobody needs this empire anymore, not even the #USA!

As citizen You need to separate the entity of Empire from the #USA! These are two totally different entities.

USA needs to take care for itself & be happy of losing the imperial structure, which is like a blood sucking parasite.

Too much Lora? 🙂

49 Sek.
Don’t embarrasse Yourself for the biggest #Ponzi scheme & fake #religion.

Role of ExxonMobi as a fake reverse witness!
ExxonMobil Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ 7°F to 12°F Global Warming Without Government Action———————————————————————


UAE conspiring to end Tunisia’s fledgling democracy:

UAE threatens to destabilise Tunisia for not acting in Abu Dhabi’s interests: Source – See more at:

Idiots signing water contract.
List of well decorated idiots.

Veheißung des Schwindlers!



Leading On Paris Climate Treaty?
EXCLUSIVE: The Emirati plan for ruling Egypt

A strategy document, seen by MEE, spells out Mohammed bin Zayed’s frustration with Sisi
ISIS, AlQaeda, MOSSAD, CIA, NATO etc. Call them what You want, at the end they all serve the same Bankster Empire of Deception, which is fighting for its own survival. For the survival of its main tool, the Dollar it is ready to do everything, play every card, as far as it sees a chance for success!


In an August 13, 2007 letter, UN IPCC Scientist Dr. Madhav Khandekar, a retired Environment Canada scientist, lashed out at those who “seem to naively believe that the climate change science espoused in the [UN’s] Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) documents represents ‘scientific consensus.’” Khandekar continued: “Nothing could be further from the truth! As one of the invited expert reviewers for the 2007 IPCC documents, I have pointed out the flawed review process used by the IPCC scientists in one of my letters. I have also pointed out in my letter that an increasing number of scientists are now questioning the hypothesis of Greenhouse gas induced warming of the earth’s surface and suggesting a stronger impact of solar variability and large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns on the observed temperature increase than previously believed.” “Unfortunately, the IPCC climate change documents do not provide an objective assessment of the earth’s temperature trends and associated climate change,” Khandekar concluded.
Paul Reiter, a malaria expert formerly of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, participated in a past UN IPCC process and now calls the concept of consensus on global warming a “sham.” Reiter, a professor of entomology and tropical disease with the Pasteur Institute in Paris, had to threaten legal action to have his name removed from the IPCC. “That is how they make it seem that all the top scientists are agreed,” he said on March 5, 2007. “It’s not true,” he added.
Hurricane expert Christopher W. Landsea of NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, was both an author a reviewer for the IPCC’s 2nd Assessment Report in 1995 and the 3rd Assessment Report in 2001, but resigned from the 4th Assessment Report after charging the UN with playing politics with Hurricane science. Landsea wrote a January 17, 2005 public letter detailing his experience with the UN: “I am withdrawing [from the UN] because I have come to view the part of the IPCC to which my expertise is relevant as having become politicized. In addition, when I have raised my concerns to the IPCC leadership, their response was simply to dismiss my concerns.” “I personally cannot in good faith continue to contribute to a process that I view as both being motivated by pre-conceived agendas and being scientifically unsound,” Landsea added.


American Pediatricians: Climate Change Poses Health And Safety Risks To Children




From its beginning the so called Fascism was always Corporatism. When the Corporatists of Europe & USA offered some promising dictators to plays the role of fascist dictators, Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany, Franco in Spain etc. accepted it only Smedley Butler refused to accept this job, offered by the owners of „Liberty Leage“, the front organization of US corporatists.

Smedley butler told everything about the conspiracy against Democracy to Theodor Roisevelt & the Congress but none of the super-rich perpetrators ended in jail.

Only idiots welcome the return of #Fascism/#Corporatism now global!

Since those days nothing has changed, the Corporatists never accepted, that their ideas have failed or were wrong from the beginning, they invested just more efforts, bribed more politicians, financed manipulative media and ruined the people and the states.

Meanwhile they bribe and finance politicians openly and are called „philanthropists“ by their media puppets. They fake the world and believe themselves into this faked world, like the naked king!

Let me express it openly to the reading super-rich, Corporatist self deceiving old men: You are the shame of planet Earth, You are too dumb to distinguish between the need of the people and Your private interests, You rig and break everything, the social system, the free economy, free education, free science, free expression! Give up, else You will damage everything! Stop playing with the Troposphere!

Dear readers, Don’t be dumb! Don’t be coward! Don’t be shy! Learn & understand #geoengineering tropospheric #SRM for #water #sunlight
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Please help me and others to spread the message about #geoengineering! It is now a question of #pain, #despair, #disease, #death & #war!

We cannot afford the luxury of laziness of mind, ignorance, greed, fear! Millions of people in Greater #MiddleEast are dying and fleeing,

thousands are dying because extreme weather by #SRM, millions suffer lack of #sunlight, #VitaminD! The #water #theft is a running #crime!

On the other side genocidal criminals, do dumb to understand, what they are doing are preparing for the legalization of this crime

disguised as #saving #climate targets, fighting #globalwarming and other absurd scam lies! Wake up as much ppl as possible, with knowledge!

My blog articles are like a FAQ list about #geoengineering #SRM. Read and other brave sources. Don’t be distracted!

Übe die „alternativen“ Rohrkreppierer!
Über den Abschaum der Akademitutten!

Bei allem Respekt für Ihre Zahlenspielereien, welchen Sinn machen alle Überlegungen, wenn die Basis verlogen ist.

Was ist, wenn CO2 gar nicht wärmt, sondern effektiv ein Kühlmittel für die untere Troposphäre ist?

Was ist wenn die CO2-Emission oder Absortion nur eine Folge der Erwärmung oder Abkühlung der Ozeane ist, aber nie dessen Ursache?

Was ist, wenn CO2 nur ein Spurenelement ist und neben Wasserdampf eigentlich kaum eine Rolle für die Wetterbestimmung spielt?

Was ist, wenn die Erde ein offener Planet und gar kein Treibhaus ist?

Was ist, wenn in Treibhäusern, die Erwärmung durch die gestaute Konvektion entsteht?

Was ist wenn CO2 als Treibhausgas durch Verbrennung von Methangas gezielt in die echten Treibhausgase abgegeben wird,  also auch hier seine Entstehung die Folge einer Erwärmung ist, aber niemals die Ursache?

Was ist, wenn die gesamte Konstruktion der Antropogenen Erderwärmung nur ein Marketing-Lügenkonstrukt ist, um den Boden für die Bewirtschaftung des Wassers in der Troposphäre ist?

Was ist, wenn die Wasserdiebe die Kollateralschäden wie Sonnenlichtmangel, Extremblitze, Extremniederschläge, Extremfluten, gezielte Luftverschmutzung und all die Schäden, Toten und Krankeiten, die sich daraus ergeben nicht kompensieren wollen und können und deshalb zu dieser gekonnten Lüge greifen?

Was ist, wenn die die Gilde der Akademiker zu großen Teilen aus einem Haufen von denkunfähigen Wiederkäuern auf zwei Beinen besteht, die nichts anderes tun als das Vorverdaute durch Motivation mit Geld immer und immer zerkauen und auspucken?

Was ist, wenn ein wesentlicher Teil der Akademiker sogar hochgradig korrupt und verdorben ist, so dass sie inzwischen eine eigene Bezeichnung verdienen, die ihre Art besser beschreibt? Mein Vorschlag ist Akademitutten! Neben Presstituen, Scientitutten und reihen sie sich in an die führende Gilde der Dienstleister für Geld, nämlich Prostituten und Nutten!

All these theaters about election, candidates as presidents, parliaments are worthless.

Faked reality is faked, not reality!
Manipulation is not ruling.

Do real things, found Your own party, stop buying, bribing, blackmailing, controlling others.
Show Your real power without targeted killings, false flag attacks, manipulated patsies!

Saker’s interview with Cynthia McKinney


Philanthropy as insult!


Wir müssen alle lernen die Dinge beim Namen zu nennen und wenn etwas noch keinen korrekt beschreibenden Namen hat, dann müssen wir ihn erfinden.

Der Begriff „Presse“ sugeriert freie, intelligente, aufwendige Erstellung von Publikationen, die der Aufklärung der Bevölkerung dienen sollen. Diejenigen, die als Knechte ihrer corporatistischen Herren nur Lügen verbreiten, verdienen diese Bezeichnung nicht. Dafür gibt es den Begriff „Presstituten“, welcher genau das ausdrückt, was sie tun. So wie Nutten ihre sexuellen Dienste für Geld anbieten, bieten die Presstituten ihre Manipulationsdienste gegen Geld an. Es geht sogar soweit, dass sie gänzlich Eigentum ihrer Herren sind, quasi Leibeigene.

Die einzelnen Mitarbeiter der Presstituten sind Speichellecker, Scheissefresser, Auftragslügner, Maulhuren, aber sie verdienen niemals als Journalisten bezeichnet zu werden, denn das wäre eine infame Beleidigung des Journalismus.

Die Presstituten und Maulhuren schreien die Wiederkehr des Faschismus herbei, aber diesmal global:

Sie sind so untewürfig, dass sie die gezielte Modifikation ders troposphärischen Licht, Wetter und Wasserhaushaltes, zum Schaden der Gesundheit von uns allen, also auch zum Schaden der Maulhuren selbst und ihrer Familien und Freunde, verschweigen und jede Aufklärung in dieser Hinsicht blockieren.

Glauben sie wirklich, dass sie vom größten Schwindel der Menschheit, der CO2 Finanzblase profitieren können?
Es wird sie wegpusten!

Gestaltet wie eine #Religion, gefährlich wie die #Mafia!

Der Wind des Krieges um Wasser & Energie, mit #SRM in der Troposphäre für mehr Öl & Gas, dreht sich.

Das Rückgrat des Monsters wird gebrochen! Danke #Russland! Maschine der Teufel!


Mainland / Island Theory


Takeover of Global Empire

Es wächst zusammen was zusammen gehört, oder sie waren nie getrennt!

Der sogenannte Salafismus ist spätestens seit den 1980er Jahren ein imperiales und zionistisches Werkzeug. Die Salafisten haben in Nordafrika und dem Nahen Osten überall das islamische und vorislamische Kulturerbe zerstört. Sie haben in Palästina liebenswerte Menschen wie Juliano Mer-Khamis und Vittoria Arrigoni ermordet, die eindeutig Anti-Zionisten waren.

Gegen den Zionismus tun die Takfiri Salafisten nichts, eher arbeiten sie zusammen. Die Zionisten haben mehrfach in Syrien als die Luftwaffe der Takfiri fungiert, im Irak haben sie an höchster Stelle beraten und gekämpft, in Yemen zusammen mit Saudischen Piloten bombardiert und überall beliefern sie die Takfiri mit Waffen und Munition.

Der Zionismus ist eine reale aber feige Macht, die sich gerne hinter anderen versteckt und andere (US Soldaten) für sich bluten lässt, aber seine Einigkeit mit den Salafisten kann er nicht verbergen.

Wenn Schlangen ins Wasser fallen dann greifen sie umeinander und ertrinken gemeinsam. Diese Schlangen ertrinken gerade im Mittleren Osten.

Zusammenhänge erkennen und in Zusammenhängen denken! Mehr hier:

Eine unheimliche Koalition! Die Einheit der Feinde! Domino Effekt!

Krieg um Wasser & Energie, #SRM in der Troposphäre für mehr Öl & Gas.

Das Rückgrat des Monsters brechen! Danke #Russland! Maschine der Teufel!

Größter #Schwindel der #Menschheit, #CO2 #Finanzblase wird Dich wegpusten!

Gestaltet wie eine #Religion, gefährlich wie die #Mafia!

Rückkehr des #Faschismus, nun global!

Sibirien, die kalte Schatzkammer Russlands.

Der unendliche Schaden durch Fracking.
Tropspheric SRM&WM -> Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil & Gas

For rulers of Qatar and main Arabia, the defeat in Syria, Yemen and/or Iraq can and will probably mean their end.

Until know Syria was too much preoccupied  with the internal war. Soon that can be turned into a war against the real perpetrators. The army of Yemen is already on Saudi territories and with a little help, the will march into the core land and finish the rule of Saudi clan. The majority of the population of main Arabia is welcoming that.


Difference between scientitution & science!
Difference between scientiputas & scientist!

Receipt to control full cycle of H2O & CO2 on land, decide about life and death.

That is a look at the core of followers on the First Church of Climate Change. Separate that Church from the State

Welche Verbrechen verdeckt werden!
    – Pharmaindustrie
    – Hygieneindustrie
    – Gensaat-Industrie
    – Gen-Trash-Food-Industrie

Das Dahinsiechen der MSM

Die Pille


See level is not rising!

NLP cage!

Extreme Weather!


Tide is turning!

global energy transition

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