Introduction, Basic Thesis, Basic Question

This blog shall ease the sharing of information around the topic of Geoengineering. In particular commented cloud images will be offered, to improve the practical learning.


The Basic Thesis in Brief:

Within the geological climate cell, where we are living in, climate engineering is applied to transfer water from Europe to Middle East by using the wind streams of the higher Troposphere and lower Tropopause

The water falls on the target region as flash rains and is stored in the ground. From there it is used for Hydraulic-Fracturing to produce petrol and shale gas from deeper rock formations. Additionally it is used for extensive industrial desert farming.

Not a gift of God but of Geoengineering SRM!

See how water, stolen by tropospheric SRM, is delivered!

The oil fields of Arabia have already exceeded their Peak-Oil, according to the legacy extraction methods. These old methods can reach only up to 20% available resources in the ground, the remaining 80% lie in the deeper rock formations of up to 5km & require a huge amount of water for extraction by Hydraulic-Fracturing.


The Basic Question:

How come the condensation nuclei into the flight path or into the exhaust of some airplanes in an ordered manner? 

Why other airplanes don’t produce the same effect?

Of chemicals these fine dust particle consist of, as it cannot be kerosene

Are the chemical materials poisonous for living creatures?

Chemtrails are made with coal ash & other industrial trash.

Which impact have the artificial Cirrus clouds (ice clouds) on all life, when they change the spectrum of sunlight?

Who is financing the project? Who is profiting from it? 

Do the pilots the airplane technicians, the ground crew and the stewardesses don’t know about the activities?

Pilots are the dumbest!

Better be a bus driver instead of being pilot!

90% air, 7% CO2, 2,8% H2O

High Bypass Turbofan Engines are clean!

SRM chemtrails & HAARP make aviation very dangerous, aerotoxicsyndrome!

Is that allowed by any national or international law?


Knowledge, Past and „Gewissen“

For being able to understand the interrelation, You need some knowledge in meteorology, flight technology, hydraulic-fracturing and biology, as well as willing to learn, the ability to think independently and unfortunately also a strong backbone and bravery. If You don’t have these properties, then take a look on some picture only and ignore the further text and documents.

The linked documents deliver the required skills, You don’t need to study everything by Yourself 🙂  The offered basic knowledge can be verified/falsified in common scientific publications.

Everything else is under Your responsibility and Your „GEWISSEN„!

Examine all statements made here hypercritically, maybe as unproven hypothesis or conspiracy theory, but look up to the sky by Yourself regularly, learn the DIFFERENCE and analyze by Yourself.

The sky is part of Your life. It delivers You the fresh air to breath and the transmits the healthy sunlight. Wouldn’t it be bad and sad, if it was poisoned, curtained and sold away?

Ask Yourself, if You have knowledge and memory about the natural looking sky. For teenagers, born in the 1990’s, sad to say that this is no more possible. Maybe older people have old photographs with sky view in the background. Take them, remember how it looked and compare Your memory with the current sky.

Geoengineering, Climate-Engineering

The Climate-Engineering consist of some technologies for farming the water in the Atmosphere. Together with terrestrial water technologies it is called Geoengineering (Terraforming).

The ostensible propaganda creates a hysteria around the topic of human made climate catastrophe, global warming and at last climate change, to deviate from the illegal pollution of Troposphere and Tropopause. 

Primary medium of Climate-Engineering is artificial fine dust, which is systematically dispersed by airplanes.

Chemtrails are made with coal ash & other industrial trash.

Fine dust can be any technically suitable material, useable as condensation nuclei to crate stable ice crystals or dirty droplets, like sulfur dioxide, aluminium dioxide, barium sulfide etc. The used materials are selected and they behave similar to the fine dust emission by volcanic eruption — only more poisonous.

Some examples from the chamber of horror of the climate criminals is described in the following documents.

Die Zauberlehrlinge Gefährliche Experimente mit unserer Erde
Hack the planet!

Prof. Heinz Haber 1968 über Geo-Engineering (HAARP und Chemtrails)
The aim of the geoengineering mafia is the privatization (annexation) of the entire geological water cycle  — vapor, clouds, precipitation, rivers, seas, wells etc. etc.

Can You see the difference between promotion and reality?
Do You detect the cynicism

To steer the masses and manipulate them, a religious concept with according properties is created, where the vital CO2 is serving as a scapegoat.

Name of the Religion:  Climate Change
Church Leading Board:  IPCC (Weltklimarat)
Synods:              World Climate Conferences
Devil:                CO2
Original Sin:     CO2 emission
Indulgence:     CO2 certificates
Salvation:           Geoengineering
Ordeal:    2°C warming in 100 years
Hell:        A steamy hot climate

The dangers of Climate-Engineering are …

  • poisonous vapor in passenger aircraft through poisonous outside air.
  • Vitamin-D deficiency and according diseases.
  • Serotonin deficiency and according diseases.
  • Damage on Flora and Fauna by less sunlight.
  • Headache and
  • Feebleness caused by fast air pressure changes and HAARP radiation.
  • Boosting of dementia through aluminium molecules.
  • Extreme precipitation.
  • Extreme lightnings.
  • Very high rates of toxic fine particles in the air.
  • Inundations and droughts etc. etc.

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