Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, France and Greece under SRM attack!

Europe is the main source airspace for Tropospheric Water Delivery to Arabian Peninsula, where it is used for Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) of deep shale gas and oil and also for extensive industrial desert farming!

This water is the reason of …

  • oil and gas from Arabia flooding the international markets,
  • Saudi paying billions to Egypt under dictatorship of Al-Sissi,
  • the suspiciously cheap fuel at the tank stations,
  • the bloody wars, financed by Saudi, UAE and Qatari and
  • the desert farming in Arabia!

Just to give You a hint about the amount of water finding its way to the desert of Arabia! More examples are collected here and subpages!

Albums and galleries of Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management within the airspace of European countries will be presented here. All other detailed aspects are in the other posts of the blog.

Italia sotto troposferico SRM!Italia sotto troposferico SRM!//

España bajo troposférico SRM!España bajo troposférico SRM!//

Germany under SRM!SRM over Germany!//