Main weapon of WWIII are not nuclear bombs!

When discussing about a possible third world war (WWIII) people expect a full scale nuclear attack and the annihilation of civilizations. It will be quasi a man made day of judgment, short and without real winners, except of some psychopaths.

By setting such a limited framework of imagination about war, they easily ignore that „tacticalnuclear weapons are already used in Middle East. Who is using this weapons, when the Arab states don’t posses them?

The so called Main Stream Media (MSM) or better known as the mouthpieces and whores of Bankster and Pervert Empire of Deception (BPED), where the MSM is responsible for the deception part, is doing a good distraction job by just ignoring the the nuclear attacks on Syria and Yemen. Silence becomes another kind of lying and their silence exposes the empire, because whenever they are silent a big imperial crime is ongoing.

Their main occupation is telling fear stories about man made climate change and global warming. It is hard to lie, their propaganda is self revealing! Everything is blamed on man made climate change, because the cocaine, LSD and amphetamine addict crook strategists of BPED are the same idiots, which have designed war on terror and they must work for hollywood, because the frame is the same „star system“!  Inventing one terrorist greenhouse gas after another. All brain shit is collected on one place, their stories don’t change.

Although these tactical atom bombs are used, they are not the main weapon of WWIII.

The current main weapon, the driving motivation, the glue of a weird coalition of united enemies is Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management (TSRWM), which is the already breaking backbone of BPED!

The treasure this war is waged for is the control on global cycles of CARBON and WATER!

The biggest Ponzi scheme of mankind is blown up under the disguise of propagated Climatism and Climate Church religion as climate change and global warming by only the man made CO2.

Why don’t they blame the evaporation of water for their scheme? Because they know that this would be too dumb even for the dumbest idiots on Earth. Except from water, most people don’t know anything about the essentiality of  carbon, specifically CO2 for any life on Earth! This knowledge gap is abused and widened, similar to the methods of other abusive sects, e.g. Scientology!

The day of Paris Agreement on Climate will become a day of shame in history books of humanity!

All henchmen and saliva and foot lickers of deceasing BPED, You are cutting Your own limb of life. Stop that insanity, change the side and start defending CO2 for life for Your own sake and for the sake of coming generations!

Look around on this blog and start with the basics of Meteorology, like Desublimation and Nephology!

Extreme weather events are intended and are direct consequences of TSRWM!

The control of water and carbon gives the owning power about death and life, sickness and health, wealth and bankruptcy!

This theft and crime is only possible because of the dumbness of the masses, so don’t blame the criminals, blame Your own dumbness.

Dumbness is not a incurable disease, just wake up, look up and learn about TSRWM! Don’t be a victim of global Corporatism / Fascism!

WWIII with TSRWM as weapon of mass destruction has already begun and nobody is protected by this technology, all become victims, because playing with the sunlight, air, water and carbon impacts on all living creatures, Fauna and Flora!

For geostrategic, geoeconomic necessity to exploit the deep oil and gas resources of Arabia, the required water has to be managed all over the climate cell, from Pacific to Atlantic, from Atlantic to the Arctic, across the European airspace over the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq to Arabian Peninsula.

European population is dumbed and distracted by professional NLP, the politicians, media, scientists are corrupt, but the havoc is real. 

Even desperate measures like creating „green zones“ in urban agglomeration areas against „fine dust pollution“ cannot mitigate the poisoning of whole Europe and USA.

If poisoning of Europeans and Americans and instigating bloodshed in Greater Middle East is the price for „Energy Security“ by pushing oil and gas from Arabia to fight an imperial war against Russia and Iran, than it is time for people of Europe and USA to recognize the BPED as their real enemy.

Many dumb people are happy about cheap fuel at tank stations, but they cannot imagine that they are paying a manifold price for that.

The rising health problems, aerotoxicsyndrome, dying forests, floods, droughts, pollution, millions of deaths and refugees, the insecurity all over the world is the price for housing the imperial complex.

Blame it on Your dumbness Americans and Europeans!

Dumbness doesn’t protect You from damage by TSRWM!

It is time to wake up from this nightmare, stop BPED!

If You want to defeat the China, Russia and Iran, just send the crooks of imperial compex to these countries. These junk strategists themselves are the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. They will destroy the competitors from inside like they do it now in Europe and USA!

Selling poisoning als „thunderstorm asthma“!

Dozens DEAD, Nearly 10,000 Hospitalized From MYSTERIOUS Chemical ATTACK- Here’s What We Know
„Kuwait – 1-12 (KUNA) – Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, Dr. Khalid Al-Sahlawi said that the country’s hospitals and five deaths were recorded during the past two days due to emergency cases of patients with asthma were suffering from suffocation and breathing difficulties.
He Sahlawi in a press statement Friday that the 844 emergency entered into the country’s hospitals during the past two days died, including five cases, three of which in Mubarak Hospital and two at the Amiri Hospital while entered the 26 cases in intensive care and 45 cases to the wings with out the rest of the cases after receiving the necessary treatment.“

Bizarre ‘Bio Warfare’ Storm Kills Five In Kuwait
Posted on December 2, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai 

„A bizarre “bio warfare” storm has killed five people in Kuwait, just days after a similar storm hit Australia killing six and leaving thousands of others hospitalized.
Five expatriate workers died from “severe asthma attacks” during the freak storms, as torrential rain hit Kuwait on Friday.“

6 Dead, Thousands ill After ‘Bio Warfare’ Thunderstorm Hits AustraliaPosted on November 29, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

6 people are dead and almost 9,000 hospitalized in Australia after a ‘bio warfare’ thunderstorm left emergency services stretched beyond capacity.
The bizarre storm, known as “thunderstorm asthma,” gave some people heart attacks and others struggling to breathe, as ambulances were reportedly called for on average every 4 seconds.“

The Russians Have already shot down numerous US drones violating Crimean airspace

„And one of them, the mother of all drones, the massive Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, was apparently commandeered by Russian electronic warfare and landed in Simferopol“ awake!


Tropospheric Water Grabbing, observed from satellites.
Satellite view of Tropospheric Water Grabbing//

3 children die in freak hailstorm in Zimbabwe

„Two children from my area, girls both aged six-years-old, were killed by a hailstorm which struck the area on Tuesday. The rains started in the afternoon and later worsened amid a hailstorm which was raining large hail stones,“

Consider following as a conditioning for a full scale attack on a country, to show an example of annihilation by geoengineering weapon of mass destruction! They are threatening and planning to annihilate Sudan as a nation! This is my interpretation of their NLP Newspeak!

Climate change could render Sudan ‚uninhabitable‘
By Bianca Britton, CNN, Updated 1234 GMT (2034 HKT) December 7, 2016