No Acidification of oceans! Mass killing by TSRWM!

Oceans are always, SALTY, ALKALINE and BASIC at a degree of ca. 8.4!

Alkaline is not the opposite of ACIDIC, that would be BASIC!

Depending on season and area, the basicity of seawater may change a little bit to 8.3 or 8.2 but it remains basic, alkaline and salty!

Neutrality between basic and acidic is at the degree of 7.0, so before the oceans can become acidic they first need to be less basic and neutral!

The ACIDIFICATION is an invention of the Geoengineering Mafia, to cover its crime of Tropospheric Water Management!

The water harvesting by covering the lower and upper Troposphere with artificial aerosol clouds reduces the sunlight and the ability of ALGAE to conduct photosynthesis, similar to the effect on the mass dying and burning trees.

Less Sunlight leads to mass death of oceanic Flora.

Less algae absorbs less CO2 from water and produce less O2. The CO2 level increases and the O2 level decreases.

Less O2 leads to mass death of oceanic Fauna, all fish and crab need O2 for breathing, so they die in masses!

As the Geoengineering Mafia is intentionally causing this mass death, it has to cover it under the marketing slogan of man made acidification and blame it on the dumb sheeple!

Missing Sunlight leads also to VitaminD deficiency, resulting in many diseases! 
Don’t You suffer from VitaminD deficiency? 
Don’t You know people who have to take VitaminD supplements?

Nice days at oceanic shores are gone! You may sue the water thieves for stolen sunlight!CO2 makes the Ocean More Alkaline

„alkalinity is due to carbonate rocks and CO₂ in the atmosphere. But adding more CO₂ doesn’t make thing more alkaline:

Alkalinity is sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably with basicity. For example, the pH of a solution can be lowered by the addition of CO₂. This will reduce the basicity; however, the alkalinity will remain unchanged

So there you have it. CO₂ in the atmosphere causes alkalinity and adding CO₂ to a solution will leave the alkalinity unchanged.

“alkaline” is used to mean “basic” or “opposite of acidic”. That isn’t strictly correct; though often the two things, alkalinity and basicity, are ‘fellow travelers’ in chemical reactions, so folks commonly treat them as the same thing. They are not.“

An acid is a proton donor (there are a couple of other definitions too, such as based on electron pairs or …) where a base is a proton acceptor. Alkaline does not mean that. It means a specific neutralization point related to carbonate. That difference makes all the difference in the world as it relates to CO₂.“


„Seawater is getting more and more alkaline. Less alkaline doesn’t mean more acidic, and coral bleaching. Unless pH is below 7, is not acidic – the sea will never be acidic; salt is alkaline. ASH, MAGNESIUM, LIME POTASSIUM, SALTS WASHED FROM THE HILLS EVERY YEAR IS ADDING TO THE SEA ALKALINITY!!! Because salt is alkaline -> the Warmist need to take the salt out of the seawater, before start lying that; ‘’the sea water is getting acidic’’!“

For the world to know: water in rivers and in the sea; if pH is neutral – would be the most harmful for the living critters. Reason is: acidity in rivers / alkalinity in the sea purifies the water. Otherwise bacteria / viruses multiply a lot in pH7 and would decimate the living critters that we like. As an experiment: leave some rainwater in a large dish; you will see the colour of it, after a month. Rainwater is pH7 = neutral. Therefore; I hate to say that: everybody is wrong… but me…“

Carbon Dioxide Makes Alkaline Water – Experiment
„If you read the statements of carbon dioxide “war mongers”, including those from EPA, you are led to believe that CO2 causes acidification of water. That is true under aseptic conditions such as in a laboratory with distilled water, but not in nature. In nature, there are two crucial differences: the presence of nutrients and sun light. Together, they make a big difference as you will see for yourself by undertaking this simple experiment.“

„Contrary to what many people claim about the “acidification effect” of carbon dioxide, nature quickly turns it around and uses CO2 to produce organic matter that makes the water alkaline. The increase in pH was obtained from the conversion of an acidic solution of carbon dioxide and the nutrients with the help of the sun’s energy via the photosynthesis process to alkaline water. You demonstrated it yourself.“

Water, Alkalinity & PH
„Alkalinity is important because it protects or buffers against rapid pH changes.“

„pH simply expresses the degree of hydrogen ion concentration.
Alkaline means that the pH is greater than 7. Alkalinity is the
true measure of acid-neutralizing capacity which includes the
bicarbonate (HCO3-1), carbonate (CO3-2) and hydroxide
(OH-1) ions. It is measured in mg/l or ppm as CaCO3.“

„As we can see in the below graph the higher the CO2 the more alkaline the water at a given pH.“

„The table below (from “Chemical Oceanography” by Frank Millero; 1996) shows the contribution to alkalinity from the major contributors in seawater at pH 8.“

Chemical Species          Relative Contribution To Alkalinity

HCO3– (bicarbonate)    89.8
CO3– (carbonate)            6.7
B(OH)4– (borate)            2.9
SiO(OH)3– (silicate)       0.2
MgOH+ (magnesium monohydroxylate) 0.1
OH– (hydroxide)             0.1
HPO4– and PO4– (phosphate) 0.1

„Carbon dioxide has a specific solubility in water as carbonic acid (H2CO3).“

„At any given pH there is an exact mathematical relationship between H2CO3 and both bicarbonate and carbonate. For example, at a pH of about 9.3 in freshwater (about 8.4 in seawater) the carbonate concentration is 100 times that of the carbonic acid.“

At higher pH this multiplier rises, and there is consequently more bicarbonate and carbonate present.

„Alkalinity rises sharply as pH is raised. This becomes especially true above pH 8 in salt water, where there becomes an appreciable concentration of carbonate.“

„The theoretical relationship between carbonate alkalinity and pH for seawater (blue) and freshwater (red) equilibrated with the atmosphere (350 ppm carbon dioxide).“

Normal to high alkalinity implies adequate bicarbonate, while low alkalinity implies that it is in short supply.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for pH Neutralization
„CO2 is it self not an acid. CO2 forms carbonic acid (H2CO3) when dissolved in water; and it is carbonic acid that leads to the neutralization of alkalinity in solution. 

„The most appealing feature of CO2 is that it will not lower the pH of water below 7.0 (for practical purposes). Additionally CO2 is not corrosive as a gas, however, since CO2 is heavier than air asphyxiation is always a hazard.“


USA, Florida:


USA, New York:

USA, New Jersey:


Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month

„The death of approximately 35,000 fish up in Minnesota is being blamed on a “lack of oxygen“.

„The recent die off of thousands of fish in the Shark River near Belmar, New Jersey is also being blamed on “
oxygen depletion“.

„Officials in Menifee, California are still trying to figure out what caused the death of thousands of fish in Menifee Lake a few weeks ago…

„Authorities continued testing the water in Menifee Lake Friday after thousands of dead fish have been seen floating since last weekend.

„In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins and sea turtles are dying “in record numbers“.

„Maryland officials are still puzzled by the death of 7,000 Atlantic menhaden last month…

„17th May 2014 – Masses of fish turn up dead in a marina in Pultneyville, New York, America. Link
„16th May 2014 – Mass die off of fish in a river in Aragatsotn, Armenia. Link
„15th May 2014 – Hundreds of fish dying off ‘due to pollution’ in the wetlands of Rewalsar, India. Link


Mass Animal Deaths for 2016

„MASS ANIMAL DEATH LIST 401 Known MASS Death Events in 71 Countries (or Territory)

2nd September 2016 – Thousands of dead fish wash up in a harbor in Mississippi, America. Link

31st August 2016 – Masses of dead anchovy wash up on the coast of Chanaral, Chile. Link

31st August 2016 – Thousands of dead fish wash up ‚causing shock‘ on a lake in Alberta, Canada. Link

30th August 2016 – 100 TONS of fish have died suddenly in Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Link

30th August 2016 – Thousands of dead fish found is ‚unprecedented‘ in a lake in Sverdlovsk, Russia. Link

30th August 2016 – Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Boyolali, Indonesia. Link

29th August 2016 – Large die off of fish, ‚a mystery‘ in a lake in Cordoba, Argentina. Link

29th August 2016 – 322 Reindeer found dead, ‚probably killed by lightning‘ in Hardangervidda,Norway. Link

29th August 2016 – Tens of thousands of fish die in a river in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam. Link

29th August 2016 – Mass die off of fish ‚due to pollution‘ in the River Seyhan, Turkey. Link

28th August 2016 – 11,500 chickens killed due to avian flu in Lome, Togo. Link

28th August 2016 – Thousands of dead fish wash up in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, America. Link

28th August 2016 – Fish kill found along the shores of Kuwait Bay, Kuwait. Link

27th August 2016 – 20,000 dead fish wash up in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, America. Link

27th August 2016 – Thousands of dead fish turn up in the waters of Matamoros, Mexico. Link

27th August 2016 – Hundreds of thousands of dead mussels wash up on a beach in Jamesport, New York, America. Link

27th August 2016 – 11,000 fish found dead in Huntington, New York, America. Link

27th August 2016 – Thousands of dead fish wash up in Portland Harbor, Oregon, America. Link

26th August 2016 – Large amount of dead fish found floating on a river in Sena Madureira, Brazil. Link

25th August 2016 – Hundreds of TONS of fish ’suddenly die‘ in a reservoir in Sragen, Indonesia. Link

25th August 2016 – 1 Million+ dead fish wash up in New Jersey, America. Link

24th August 2016 – Thousands of dead fish found floating in the waters of Asten, Netherlands. Link

24th August 2016 – Large amount of dead fish, lobsters and crabs found in the waters of Fortaleza, Brazil. Link

23rd August 2016 – 18,000+ cattle die due to ‚cold temperatures‘ in Arequipa, Peru. Link

22nd August 2016 – Thousands of dead fish found in a river in North Carolina, America. Link

22nd August 2016 – 150,000 lbs of fish turn up dead in a lake in Qingdao, China. Link


„See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2015 for the 2015 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2014 for the 2014 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2013 for the 2013 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2012 for the 2012 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2011 for the 2011 list.“

Hundreds of Japanese horseshoe crabs wash up dead on beaches

The starve because the grass doesn’t grow enough under blocked sunlight!

This one is propaganda, but it cannot hide the mass death in the oceans and seas.
Colossal Pacific Salmon Run Reduced to Rubble — Climate Change To Blame Say Scientists

Are the mysterious mass die-offs in the Pacific ocean going stop, or are all the sea creatures just going to eventually go extinct?

„There is currently something going wrong along the American Pacific coast. Almost every day, an catastrophic animal die-off is being reported… But nobody knows why.
Here is an abbreviated list of creatures who have experienced mass die-off events since 2011.

1) Sea Stars 2) Bluefin tuna 3) Sardine, Anchovy, Herring4) Sea Lions 5) marine birds 6) red King Crab 7) Pelicans
8) Pacific Oysters 9) Sockeye Salmon 1 0) Herring 11) plankton
12) Anchovies (again) 13) Whales 14) Tuna and Albacore
15) Most recently Tuna Crabs.“

All Of A Sudden, Fish Are Dying By The MILLIONS All Over The Planet

Oceans on the Brink: Dying Plankton, Dead Zones, Acidification

“It is frightening to realise we have lost nearly half of the oceans’ green plants,”

„Another related mega-change in the oceans is the dramatic increase in number and size of dead zones – areas too low in oxygen to support life. Fertiliser and sewage run-off cause huge growth of plankton, which then quickly die and are consumed by bacteria that deplete waters of oxygen. The Gulf of Mexico has a 22,000 square kilometre dead zone every spring due to run-off from the Mississippi River.“

“Like the plot of a summer horror flick”: All along Canada’s Pacific coast, mussels are dying

„For all its harrowing, terrifying damage, the saving grace of cancer has always been that it dies with its host. Its destructive power comes from turning victims’ own cells against them and making them run amok.“

Mass fish die-off reported at Kvaenes beach, Norway

No Ocean, No Us: 3 Reasons We Should Care About the State of Our Oceans