No CCAGW, Only the Criminal IPCC Agenda

There is no human made climate change.

All that propaganda is about privatizing (annexation) the global water resources, on the land and in in the air. The control of airspace is now more important, because if You can decide, where the rain should fall and where not, You decide over life and death.

All the global conflicts are based on the water resources now , more than the disputes about oil and gas. The reason is very simple. For the production of gas and partly also oil You need water for Hydraulic-Fracturing. So water is the foundation of all energy production. Please look here:

Scientifically all that idea about Global Warming and Climate Change is nonsense. The whole fear is built up around the rise of CO2, which should cause the warming. There is basic error in this speculation. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is defined only by the temperatures in the oceans. 

The oceans emit more CO2, when they heat up and absorb a part of CO2, when they cool down. Are we able to cool the oceans?

The stupid idea around CO2 is made up by inventing a „Enhanced Greenhouse Effect“ by just cutting out the most important heat absorber in the atmosphere, the WATER. That is faked science, even the word science should not be part of it. It is intentional and criminal information fraud as a marketing mechanism for a political and business agenda.

Do You want to pollute Your air with a bunch of dangerous chemicals and give the control about rain to multinational companies?

The so-called Greenhouse Effect

Although, the notion „greenhouse“ does not apply with our Earth, because it is not a closed but a system open to the cosmos, there is the theory about the heating by heat-inversion by components of the Atmosphere, where this wording is used. 

Look at the following picture about contributors to the Greenhouse Effect and verify the content or falsify it if You can:

This one is about the real and faked Greenhouse Effect!

On the following You can see, that CO2 is very rare and one of the heaviest components in the Atmosphere. Therefore most of it is under the height of 500 m. Water is one of the lightest components and can disperse easier to the higher levels of the Troposphere and partly also into the Tropopause.

Science is about FACTS should not be FAKE according to a political agenda!

Especially You in the growing economies like India, Brasil etc. should not fall into the trap of the new colonization, this time theft is done by propaganda.

Anthropogenic (Man-made) Global Warming

There is no human made global warming. It is a marketing project of big business!

Look at some facts about CO2

  • CO2 rate is 0.037 % and is only a TRACE GAS.
  • CO2 contribution by all human activity is 0.001 %
  • CO2 contribution by industry ca. 0.00002 %
  • Accordingly human influence on CO2 rate is practically ZERO.
  • CO2 has a specific weight of 1.9g, as one of the heaviest components of the atmosphere.
  • Therefore most of the CO2 is near at the surface, that is the reason why flora (all plants) and fauna (all animals – also humans) can exist.

  • Most CO2 is in the oceans.
  • When the oceans cyclically and seasonly heat up then they emit more CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • When the oceans cyclically and seasonly cold down then they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • CO2 rate in the atmosphere is modified by the temperature of the oceans.
  • Rising CO2 rate is not the reason for warming, it is only an indicator of warmer oceans.

  • At a rate of 150 ppm most plants cannot survive, they suffocate because of lack of CO2.
  • At a rate of 820 ppm the trees grow at double speed. It is no problem.
  • For the flora having 2000 ppm or 4000 ppm, in those days oceans were warmer, the whole planet had only tropical and subtropical climate zones and the flora and fauna were thriving.
  • We use still today the coal stores built during those days.
  • Without the flora (plants) all complex fauna (all animals, including humans) would die.

Agenda of IPCC

The agenda of IPCC is a political and business one, working with known methods of mass psychology like fear mongering, strategy of tension (Strategie der Spannung), opponent bashing.

Even the most criminal intention of a driving power needs some kind of legitimization. In former ages it was legitimized by the „will of Gods“ in our days fake science, information fraud is used for that.

You and others, who are from their self perception scientist, have the obligation to look deeper, understand, not follow this agenda and take care for not being misused for neo-colonialistic ambitions.

To explain it by the words of a top IPCC manager:

Translated by me (trying to stay very narrow to the German version):
„Prof.Dr. Otmar Edenhofer, Vicechief of IPCC, according NZZ (NZZ of 14.11.2010) in preparation of the not succesful climate meeting (with top leaders) in Cancun, Mexico:

For a start, we the industrialized countries have disappropriated the atmosphere of the world community. It needs to be clearly admitted: We are redistributing de facto the world assets (wealth).

‚That the owners of coal and petrol are not excited about it is obvious. From the illusion has to be disengaged, that the international climate politics is environment politics. That has with environment politics, with the problems like dying forests or ozone hole, nearly nothing to do.‘

Because we have 11,000 Gigatons of CO2 in the coal reserves under our feet and we are allowed to put only 400 Gigatons into the atmosphere, if we want to keep the 2°C target … 11.000 to 400 – there is no loop way around it, that a huge part of fossile reserves has to stay under the ground.‘

‚De facto this is a disappropriation of countries with natural resources. This leads to a totally different development as the one, which was started with the development politics until now‘

After knowing this …

 Questions and Standpoint

  1. Are You part of of this agenda?
  2. Do You support this agenda because of Your political decision?
  3. Do You support this agenda, because You make money with it?
  4. If You support it, do You keenly separate Your support of the political agenda from Your scientific view and knowledge?
  5. Are You ready to sacrifice Your scientific reputation for a political agenda?
  6. What is Your motivation, is it money, a moral concept?
  7. This things should be declared!
  8. Do You believe the marketing construct of Climate Change & Global Warming like it was a religion?
  9. Did You verify the facts?
  10. Are You ready to sacrifice Yours and others freedom, health, and future for a fake religion, just to make money now?
  11. Do You have a GEWISSEN? This word is German and cannot be translated into Anglo-Saxon languages. 
  12. Is there a correlation between the missing notion Gewissen and the abundance of the banksters, gangsters and presstitutes in the Aglo-Saxon world – my IMHO question?