Open Your eyes & mind, connect the DOTs & see the full picture!

It is very simple! 

You and all the other Fauna need Oxygen (O2) for survival!
The trees and all the other Flora needs Carbon (C) for survival!

The gas making both possible is CO2 and Sunlight is needed to crack this gas and deliver O2 and C!

Missing Sunlight means no Flora and no Fauna, no LIFE! Even a reduction of Sunlight means mass killing of life!

Don’t allow anyone to steal Your Sunlight to manage WATER for Farming and Fracking in deserts!

Photosynthesis =Sunlight + CO2O2 + C

Presentations & other documents about Geoengineering, Aerosol Trails, Chemtrails, explaining the reality in opposition to the hoax of CO2 based Globalwarming & Climatechange!

In desire to wake up the SHEEPLE & HUMANIZE them!

Following documents collect all relevant information about CO2 and disprove the lies of warmist & alarmist & the gang of water thieves around the criminal organizations around IPCC! This roof of crime wants to be called in German „Klimarat„, Climate Council! The opposite of the lie is the truth about CO2!

English version:

Deutsche Version:

This document draws the full picture, explaining the psychological, geostrategical, meteorological basics and answering to all possible questions about Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management and Chemtrails.  It teaches how to „read“ the cloud formations to enabling the reader to see and understand the difference between natural & artificial clouds. For now only the German version is available but the English one is in work.


Very good enlightment by Norbert Knobloch, in German.