Preguntas y respuestas sobre el CO2!

Si Usted está mintiendo a, que la verdad no está muy lejos, porque siempre es lo contrario de la mentira!

La mentira sobre humano causado el calentamiento global y el cambio climático es el siguiente:

Sólo la proporción de CO2, emitida por el ser humano está causando una retroalimentación positiva y Efecto Invernadero, que atrapa el calor y conduce inevitablemente a una catástrofe climática! El 97% de los científicos del clima están de acuerdo en un consenso acerca de que se produzca ahora! 

¿Por qué es que la declaración equivocada, muchos de ustedes se pregunta ahora, ya que se presenta como un „consenso científico“ por „todos los principales medios de comunicación„?

Lo que haría que su sospecha?

1. “Scientific Consensus” – Science is based on evidence, not on consensus voting! Apart from this, there was no consensus voting within the scientific community about that. It would be absurd to do it! If there was a voting, the share of supporters of the above construction would be less than 1/1000 and the statement would be easily ripped off by scientific evidence!

The „consensus lie“ doesn’t even deserve to be called a speculation and it is never a theory, it is just a dumb marketing lie, developed by marketing swindlers not by any scientist!

2. “All Madia is propagating it!” – The so called Media consists of propaganda companies and they are correctly not named as media anymore!  More apropriate names are   “Lügenpresse”, “Presstitutes”, “Maulhuren” … Just when all Presstitutes are announcing something or pointing into a direction, everybody should look around, generally the truth is at the opposite side! 

Now let us talk about CO2.

What is CO2?
CO2 is one of the natural components of our Atmosphere?

How much CO2 is there?
CO2 is a trace gas, besides 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 0,934% Argon and 0,029% other trace gases only 0.037% CO2 in the Atmosphere.
Total share of humanity on CO2 is 0,0011%, only the share of industry is with 0,0000077% much lower and relatively irrelevant!

Is CO2 a poison?
CO2 is a rare, odorless non-poisonous gas.

Properties of CO2!
CO2 is with its 1,977 kg/m³ one of the heavier components of air and therefore tends to accumulate at near surface level.

Is CO2 needed?
The relatively heavy specific weight of CO2 is a fortunate for life, because CO2 is similar to water a main element of life!

Who else needs CO2?
Plants feed from Atmospheric CO2, which they need for their bare existence and growing. The carbon is sequestered from CO2 and joined with other molecules of plant food to build the cell material!

Do we, the humans, also need CO2?
Yes, because all animal (also human) life depends on plants. We feed directly on plants or eat meat of animals feeding on plants!

Where else do we need CO2?
Plants separate Oxygen (O2) from CO2 and Oxygen is required for animal breathing! We use O2 to burn Carbon for our body heat. This burning results in CO2, which we thankfully give back to the plants. CO2 is the element of Symbiosis between plant and animal life!

What do we want to breathe in an Atmosphere without CO2 and O2?
How the plants survive without getting CO2 from air?
How will humans and animals survive without plants as food and Oxygen (O2) to breathe?

Is CO2 warming?
No, CO2 is always a result of burning, never the reason. Building of CO2 is an energy absorbing process not an emitting one. It is effectively the gaseous ashes of the burning process.

Is CO2 cooling?
By evaporation of water (H2O) and CO2 as results of burning both molecules carry the heat away by rising upwards and cool down the surface area of their origin. This process is similar to our sweating. For sweating mainly done with water, but always also a little bit of CO2 emitted, because we breath with our skin!

Can CO2 accumulate 6km height as greenhouse cover?
No, CO2 is with 1,977 kg/m³ to heavy to rise up high and stay there for long. It always tends to the surface after releasing its energy and cooling down and it is absorbed by plants by Photosyntehsis. Water vapor has only 0,590kg/m³  specific weight and can rise up by diffusion to the upper border of Troposphere  (ca. 11km in the Temperate Climate Zone).

Positive Feedback!

Positive Feedback of CO2 as true as if some one would claim that the reflection of the Moon would be the main reason of the heat of the Sun. The Sun is sending its light to the infinite space. A little portion of light reaches the Moon. Only a small insignificant part is reflected back to the Sun.

The sunlight needs about 8 minutes to reach the Moon, the reflection needs additional 8 minutes, so a photon emitted by the Sun needs about 16 minutes to come back.

Knowing this would You claim, that the Sun is glowing by the reflection of the Moon? That the Moon is the reason of the heat on the Sun surface?

Exactly that is claimed about CO2 by the Geoengineering Mafia! Remember, from 0,037% CO2 of Atmosphere, not all human share of 0,0011% is blamed but only the 0,0000077% of industrial emission would be responsible of global warming. A material which is cooling and an indicating result of buring, but never the reason of heating!

Let us resume!

CO2 and H2O are foundations of life!
If some one aims to control and tax CO2, doesn’t he want to control and tax the life itself?

Exactly that is the target of this measurement, to occupyprivatizetax and trade the natural cylcles of WATER and CARBON!

The owner of both cycles will be able to decide about life and death by drought, floods,  Sunlight deficiencypoisoning and contamination.

Control on CARBON and WATER is the ultimate weapon of 3. world war, which we already have entered.

Because of miserable mass education and daily distracting and brainwashing propaganda the dangerous impact of this weapon is deemed as „bad weather“ !

Main mechanism of this technology depends on water physics. By using Desublimation aerosol covers are built. Desublimatios trails are the most evident indicators of „Tropospheric Solar Radiation und Water Management“ (TSRWM)!

Knowledge is power! Ignorance is helplessness!

Knowledge gives wisdom! Ignorances is blinding!