The Carthage Syndrome! Water & Carbon Empire!


1. Reason of writing!
2. Summary history of Carthage (Kart Hadasht)

3. Components of the concept
4. Setting the imperial order

5. Imperial System

6. Victim Syndrome

7. Island Mainland Theory
8. Mission impossible!
9. Geography is also the main resource asset!
10. Global Water Cycle Administration

11. Water & Carbon Empire
12. Further Resources


1. Reason of writing!

This article originally should have been only about the geostrategic conclusion of a „just“ WWIII on Germany and Japan, according to the logic of relationship between an empire and its vassals, which are threatening the imperial dominance by their mere economic power. Please read to understand, why it perfectly fits into the topic of geoengineering.

2. Summary history of Carthage
(Kart Hadasht)

There are many sources about Carthage, but because of its very summarizing beginning I will quote from a website.

The Death of the Carthaginian Empire 149-146 BCE

„The Siege of Carthage makes for quite a sad story when put into context. A proud trading empire fights two long wars, only to lose both and pay for it dearly. Their enemy now controlling far more territory, the Carthaginians bend to their will and even offer to pay their fifty years of war reparations after only a decade. Once the city started to get a taste of freedom and a hint of the commercial power coming back, they were invaded and crushed by their much more powerful enemy. Within a few generations, the great empire of Carthage withered and finally died in a massive assault on the city.“

„After the fifty year war debt was paid off the Romans began to grow suspicious of Carthage. Wary of how soon they had the capacity to pay off their debt and the memories of the terror of Hannibal prompted some, including the outspoken senator Cato, to call for Carthage to be destroyed once and for all.“

„The Senator Cato known to end all of his speeches with Carthago Delenda Est short for “furthermore, Carthage must be destroyed” a political stance rejecting any peace and seeking total elimination of their ancient rivals.“

„The Romans, once they generally accepted that Carthage could not be around anymore, started looking for ways to start a “just” war.“

By the way, Romans also destroyed Corinth at the same time!

„The parallel destruction of Carthage and Corinth within only a few months of each other is an example of Rome’s ability to exercise its power. Both cities were large, prosperous, and threatening to the prospect of Roman expansion.“

The doctrine of current global empire to conduct two wars and to keep fleets on two oceans, seems to be a copy of this Roman example, nothing original new.

3. Components of the concept

Now we have all elements for the concept of Carthage Syndrome:

1. Two huge wars!
2. A winner of both.
3. Two losers of both with total capitulation.
4. Fast economic recovery of capitulants.
5. Third just war of elimination!

Which countries started and lost wars in a similar way in our near history?

Germany and Japan!

We could also say …

Ceterum censeo Germaniam esse delendam … Nipponiam esse delendam!

1. Germany and Japan started and conducted two huge wars.
2. Winner of both wars was USA with allies.
3. Capitulants of both wars were Germany and Japan.
4. Both recovered economically very fast.
5. Only a „just 3. war“ can stop them from gaining upper hand.

But wait, Germany and Japan deem themselves as allies of USA not as competitors, aren’t they?

They consider themselves as „friends“ of USA, aren’t they?

Is this also the view of USA as the winner of the wars?

Can that ever be?

Are the relations of states based on friendship or on power and interests?

Can it ever be in the interest of the victor to treat the capitulants of WWI and WWII as partners and friends?

Even if there weren’t the wars, could the interests of USA be ever the same like the ones of Germany and/or Japan?

4. Setting the imperial order

They will never have the same interests, because they are totally on different geographies!

Wars are made to destroy the advantages and gain the resources of the competitors, not to make friends! The status of losers, if they are not annihilated, is vassalage!

It would be an insult on the vanquisher, if the vassals should become partners or competitors.

Germany and Japan are vassals of USA and let us be more precise and say, the USA is the main vassal of Bankster Pervert Empire of Deception (BPED) and the capitulants are its sub-vassals!

5. Imperial System

Every empire is mainly driven by a monetary system.

Monetary system ist the most important component of every complex society!

The owners of empire are always the owners of monetary system. That was the same in all history of humanity. Military clout is needed to extend and secure the monetary system!

Even if notions of USA and BPED are used interchangeably, empire always means BPED! 

As the USA and the BPED are in a very bad economic shape and mainly Germany is flourishing but also Japan has a very industrialized economy, only a WWIII can save the USA from loss of the economic side of war,  which would make the main base of BPED totally useless and probably end the existence of current imperial complex altogether.

But wait, the strategic status is not so easy. Destroying defenseless sub-vassals wouldn’t be a huge effort for the USA, first a „just war“ is needed and second there are two other big competitors, namely Russian Federation and China, followed by less powerful but resistant and deterrent state of Iran and the economic competitors Brasil, India and South Africa, which are part of the BRICS, together with China and Russia!

Under this conditions an attack on Germany and Japan could not be „justified„, it would also be counterproductive.

Throwing the sub-vassals into a devastating „just wars“ against Russia and China and letting both enemy realms eliminate each other is a more effective solution. That would create a similarity to the strategy of WWI and WWII, and the Island Mainland Theory could be applied successfully again.

6. Victim Syndrome

Before opening the Island Mainland Theory I would like to explain the psychology of the capitulant vassals.

When a society has to accept total submission under fear of total annihilation, all the testosterone driven leaders are already dead, imprisoned or have escaped. The society has no more leadership and is owned and lead by the victorious enemy.

The victor may not satisfy himself with submission but anyhow decide to kill all members of the defenseless society.

In that existential fear the survivors go into 

  • denial of responsibility
  • denial of association with the former leadership, 
  • denial of involvement in any criminal acts, 
  • denial of contribution into the defeated system, 
  • denial of support of defeated system, 
  • denial of knowledge about the acts of the defeated system, 


All become …

  • political dissidents
  • hidden resisters and 
  • welcome the former enemy as liberator
  • began to imitate the enemy clothing, feeding, entertainment customs, 
  • learn the language and 
  • assimilate themselves to the enemy

up to the point where the enemy accepts them as worth to live.

The victim has to blur the hostility lines for survival. The female victims, as most of the victims are female and children, because the majority of the men are killed, jailed or lost, have to emphasize their feminity to get protection and food or at least to avoid persecution and death!

This is not a particular behavior of humans, but all primates and many other social mammals behave the same way. Women are always part of the war booty.

Current German society is a perfect example of victim psychology, it lives, breathes, eats, sweats, vomits every day this mentality of submission, up to the point to deem this as common way of life. They are the biologically the most important component of the society.

During a talk show in German TV about the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea, the minister of defense, Ursula von der Leyen, demanded from Russia to „behave like Germany„, sign the result of a „2+4 peace talk„! The reaction of attending Russian journalist Dmitri Tultschinski was more diplomatically then in my translation here, „You know that Russia and the other 3 were part of the 2+4 talks because these were winners of WWII had rights on Germany?„. Mrs. von der Leyen was so deeply in her victim psychology, that she expected from a victorious state to be behave like a capitulant.

I could not find the video document on youtube and will embed it as soon as I have the source! It seems to be „lost“! If You have this source please contact by commenting!

Definitely, the video was removed from youtube, I could not find it on Google, but solved the desperate search! 🙂
At last I have found the video on youtube by a search on It is a very revealing and important document!
It is cought from a stream and therefore not against the censoring German law. (AUFZEICHNUNG von einem einem Stream und verstößt somit nicht gegen das Urheberrecht!)
In Germany the denial mentality is so powerful, that everything is censored and in parallel they sell the world to have a „perfect democracy“ and the best „Grundgesetz“ as constitution.

Just for clearance the right word for constitution in German is „Verfassung“ and „Grundgesetz“ was implemented according the „Hague Conventions for War on Land“ by the occupying forces of West Germany after WWII. This „Grundgesetz“ was never confirmed by a popular referendum and therefore did not get the grade of a constitution, as well as Germany never became a sovereign since the end of WWII !! 

The juristic status of Germany remains unsolved and seems to be unsolvable! Germany never could get a peace treaty with all enemy states according to international law!

Japan got a peace treaty in San Francisco, officially with 48 enemy states. It was rejected by Soviet Union and not attended by China, as the government status of China was not unique – the reason of Taiwan’s separation and the „One-China-Policy“ of the USA.

This victim psychology was so successful in West Germany, that the empire has applied it on other vassals and globalized it. All member states of EU, NATO and many others under imperial influence are treated like submitted West Germany and they behave accordingly.

However, never expect from imperial complex to consider itself as a „partner“ of such vassals. From the perspective of empire they always remain vassals. No slogan, no conference, no friendly diplomacy will ever change this.

7. Island Mainland Theory

The apes on the island can observe a war between the huge ape tribes on the mainland securely. They are not part of the hostile trouble and don’t need to involve. The island even becomes a save haven for some refugees with or without wealth from mainland.

After the devastation they can easily swim over and conquer the land and grab the resources which are not available on the island.

With the gradual recovery of the mainlanders and peaceful relations of trade and intermarriage the mainland will become important, powerful and united again, but that would also mean the island is becoming gradually less important as in a save atmosphere no save haven is required.

The geographic advantage of the island during war times becomes a disadvantage during peace times.

Observing this demise the strategists on the island would wish and seek to trigger another huge war on the mainland.

To enable that, the islanders would need to 

  • look for new potential division lines and 
  • make them crack and divide the mainlanders, 
  • spread hatred and fear and 
  • sell weapons and 
  • instigate false-flag terrorizing attacks

A group of „exceptionally clever“ island apes would organize covert terror and psychological operations.

What do we learn from that?

Eurasia and Africa are together the mainland and USA is the island, even in relation with Canada and Latin America, USA remains a strange island, far away from all important resources to feed and keep a huge population and and imperial complex together.

The imperial complex needs to instigate a WWIII, more devastating than the former world wars, where the mainland is divided and driven into it.

According to the geostrategic logic of Island Mainland Theory, WWIII is inevitable!

8. Mission impossible!

The island is far separated from all main energy resources by about 6,000 km wide and also very deep oceans. Where all mainlanders build land infrastructure of highways, railways, pipelines the island depend on expensive airways and seaways to reach the resources and markets. As the interconnection of mainland markets grows and manifolds, the discrepancy of separation to the island grows and becomes more manifested.

Adding insult to embarrassment, the economic separation doesn’t mean also military security, because modern warfare of hypersonic bombers, ballistic rockets, cruise missiles fired from war ships, submarines, jets and land eliminates the isolating protection.

The mainlanders have learned their lessons and will never again be attacked from island without according reaction.

The military arsenal of only Russia, which is now presented with glory in Syria, the growing defensive Chinese marine force and even the deterring defensive rocket and marine power of Iran makes a break-in onto the mainland a suicidal mission.

Similar to the less costly access to the resources on the mainland, also defense against an attack from island is done with minimal efforts compared to the required investment by the islanders. Many people wonder about the huge military budget of the USA compared to that of China, Russia and all other states, but the mainlanders need much less military to reach much more.

Geography is the main military asset!

9. Geography is also the main resource asset!

Is it the fault of the empire that the Russians, Arabs, Africans, Latin Americans sit on the land and under the sky of imperial resources? 🙂

Whatever the geoengineering propaganda may spread about „alternative, clean, sustainable energy“, all that is only made for distraction from ever growing production of shale petrol and gas, made available by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) methods. By fracking legacy resources are quadrupled and much more areas become exploitable only by fracking!

Fracking eliminates the fear of peak oil and changes the formerly non-feasible areas into fracking boomers.

But, the driving material for fracking, as it is in indicated by the notion of „hydraulic“ is water. With dependence on fracking, water has become the main foundation of fuel production. Just to prevent irritation, the required type of water is at best rain water. Salty seawater cannot be used for fracking. Desalination of water would consume more fuel as can be exploited by fracking!

The dependence on water has already changed the geostrategic power balance. The power and wealth of countries has to be measured according their fracking suitable water! The mining field of this water is the troposphere, the ground is used for storage!

Even the ice caps become valuable, because they harbor huge reserves of sweet water, which needs to be lifted and transported across troposphere.

When we look at the states owning chunks of arctic region, Russia is the biggest owner of arctic water, in addition Russia has Siberia as third ice cap

The Himalayas are another huge water storage site. China owns the biggest part of it and the support of CIA for the Tibetan independence gets a geopolitical sense, within this context.

As we should know, Antarctica is free of state ownership, except a small chunk of Argentina.

The mounts of Kurdistan as a water barrier and storage make it the most pivotal site of Middle East. Who could have imagined this? The ones who know about that are thinking, planning and building since decades there. Kurdistan is not only the source of the most important water supplying rivers of the region, but also harbors many supersize dams.

Turkey’s GAP and its Impact in the Region

Dams and Politics in Turkey: Utilizing Water, Developing Conflict

Ilısu Dam

Atatürk Dam, Euphrates River, Anatolia, Turkey

Kurdistan also harbors huge gas and petrol reserves as well as many other minerals. It is one of the oldest gold and silver mining places since the beginning of civilization 7,000 ago.
You may now understand, why the global empire is investing big efforts into the foundation of united Kurdistan as a independent state. First the existing states have to be broken to release the the required space. This project may even not be against the interests of Russia, China and Iran, as long as Iran is not touched.

European airspace for transit from Arctic to Arabia and Africa is indispensable route for the shale oil and gas industry and the dependent petrodollar system.

Yemen as another route of water lifted from Indian Ocean for delivery to Arabia becomes valuable. This value is currently expressed by total bombardment und total starve out of the Yemeni population. Obviously the geoengineering mafia needs the airspace but not the state and least the people of Yemen.

All the oceans, where the evaporation can be increased and accelerated become area of water conflicts.

Please sit down, think and raise your imagination to grab the brisance of this change.

10. Global Water Cycle Administration

Geoengineering Governance!

The inclusion of water cycle makes the global power game much more complicated and more damaging.

New global sharing with global agreements on arctic, oceanic, tropospheric water need to be made. This process is ongoing and disguised under a distracting religious propganda with brainwashing NLP slogans of „global warming“, „climate change“, „CO2 certificates and taxes„, „sustainability“, CO2(water)-footprint„, adaptation“ etc. and by building fake authorities!

All what is done is the distribution of water rights.

Why does it need to be disguised? 

It is illegal under all existing national, international, civil, military, natural and custom right systems!

The humanity accepted the rain as natural and God given, except praying and begging, they did not influence the amount and timing of rain. There is no concept for administration of global water cycle!

11. Water & Carbon Empire

The survival of bankrupt bubbling money system depends now on grabbing control of the global water cycle. As water is the foundation of fuel production by hydraulic fracturing.

For reaching this target it has to conquer Russia! Without owning the water and carbon resources of Russian Federation the Global Water & Carbon Empire will never come to exist.

The empire won’t get it without a global war!
What many don’t realize is, we have already entered WWIII! Its main weapon is deemed as bad weather!

It’s intentional and/or collateral damage comes as drought, flash flood, super sized hail, extreme lightning, mass suffocation, mass death in oceans and on land, global poisoning as aerotoxicsyndrome, thunderstorm asthma, superstorms and waterspouts, sunlight dimming, photosynthesis reduction, vitaminD deficiency, CO2 rise, O2 decrease, hot wars along the tropospheric water routes.

Germany has become Carthage, the globe has become West Germany and the new slogan is „ceterum censeo orbis esse delendam„!

What can be done will be done for the survival of empire, whatever it costs!

If we don’t stop geoengineering now, the geoengineering mafia will offer its „success“ to the next imperial center, which will be China, even if that would mean the preparation of the downfall of China as a state!

12. Further Resources

America’s Secret Planned Conquest of Russia
Published on January 2, 2017

„This concept became respectable in U.S. academic and governmental policymaking circles when virtually simultaneously in 2006 a short-form and a long-form version of an article endorsing the concept, which the article’s two co-authors there named “nuclear primacy,” were published respectively in the world’s two most influential journals of international affairs, Foreign Affairs from the Council on Foreign Relations, and International Security from Harvard.“

„However, many of America’s (and associated) elite are paying those bomb-shelter expenses, but none of the West’s elite are condemning the path toward nuclear war that their governments are on. So: buying or building nuclear-war shelters is more acceptable to them than is stopping America’s planned conquest of Russia. The higher priority is to conquer Russia.