The Methane hoax!

Globalwarming propagandists are desperately trying to grow Methane (CH4) as a second „villain“ gas! Do You know the difference between CO2 and CH4? They are totally different, as reason and result!

CH4 consists of one Carbon and 4 Hydrogen atoms. It is one of the best available energy sources. When CH4 is burned (oxidated with O2) the results are CO2 and H2O!

So CH4 is the energy source and CO2 is the gaseous ash of burned CH4!

If You would compare it with burning wood, wood would be CH4 and the remaining ashes and sooth would be CO2 and H2O. To be more correct, actually the main results of burned wood are also CO2 and H2O.  

How can CH4 have the same effect like CO2 and H2O?

How can wood be the same like its ashes?

If we name the warming by CO2 a lie, the warming by CH4 must be a super lie!

Why? Look at the total share of Methane in the Atmosphere!

Full list of components of Atmosphere:
Nitrogen  78.000000%
Oxgen     21.000000%
Argon       0.934000%
Helium     0.000520%
Neon        0.001820%
Krypton   0.000110%
Xenon      0.000009%
Radon      0.000000% (insignificant)
Methane  0.000180%
CO2        0.037000%
Remaining 0.026361% (Other trace gases S0x, N0x etc.)
Total 100.000000%

CH4 is a better absorber than H2O (water vapor) but it does’t survive for long and turns into H2O and CO2.

H2O is the best absorber and coolant of the Earth surface!
CO2 is a bad absorber and comparably insignificant as coolant!

SPECIFIC HEAT under Constant Pressure
Methane             2.22
Water vapor       1.93

Nitrogen            1.04
Oxygen              0.919
Carbon dioxide  0.844

Geoengineering propagandists have to lie, they have no other choice, because they are profiting from these lies. However they are brazen enough to demand from us to adapt to their crimes and pay for it and bear the collateral damage of Tropospheric Sunlight Robbery Menace (SRM) and Water Theft !

Methane Hydrate

CH4 is very reactive in contact with O2 and sunlight, that it oxidates within hours after emission into the air.

In and on the oceans or on land, under very cold conditions CH4 binds with H2O to build Methane Hydrate, which is the main reason for Siberia being a breeding ground for natural gas. Because of some other wealth and this eternal natural gas fabrication, the historic empires of Europe had and the global empire has always the ambition to divide and destroy Russia and conquer the treasures of Siberia.

Russia knows that since centuries and it is always happy to sell its resources to its enemies to make them pay for its security.

Some pearls of dumbest propaganda for the dumbest sheeple! 🙂

If it was not the reality of our times, I would like to lough about such idiocy! 🙂 🙂
As they are seriously criminal, I have some serious question for them.

Researchers blame growing methane emissions on cows and rice

So what? Kill the cows and stop rice production and starve the people?
Would the Methane from natural meadows and animals be more preferable?
Would this Methane have other chemical and physical properties?

Methane surge needs ‚urgent attention‘

How can methane „surge“ when it turns into mater and carbon dioxide under sunlight?  🙂
Doesn’t methane indicate also life activity?
Should we stop life, just to eliminate methane „surge“?
Should we also finish life in the oceans, because most methane comes from there?

Methane emissions are racing toward nightmare status.

Isn’t the real nightmare the mass death, caused by sunlight reduction by Troposheric Water Grabbing with Sunlight Robbery Menace?

Methane Emissions Are On The Rise. That’s A Big Problem.

Isn’t the biggest problem of our times is the bad education level of the masses and particularly of the deemed educated ones?

New study shows food production causes spike in methane emissions

I hate the word „study“, because it is so often abused by this crime gang. Why don’t they call their blurb of propaganda „shit papers“?

Should we stop food production? What should we eat instead of food?

Methane Emissions Are Soaring, Report Finds, and Agriculture Is to Blame

Is there a way non-agricultural food production?

Which value may a 10% or 30% of nearly nothing have on anything?

Extreme Cold in USA, Melting Arctic Methane, on 01 08 2015

Isn’t the „extreme cold“ not binding methane together with water and doesn’t it compensate the „extreme warm“ releasing water and Methane as vapor?

Isn’t Methane turning into water and carbon dioxide, if it is really hot?

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