Threat of Criminal!

When the victim is dumb enough than it is an easy job for the criminal fraudsters to threaten and blame the results of their crime on the victims!

With this fear mongering propaganda the Geoengineering Mafia can push every aspect of crime: 

  • GMO crops.
  • Control on food supply.
  • Control on carbon cycle.
  • Control on water cycle.
  • War by artificial drought or flooding as weapon.
  • Occupation by army.
  • Decision about death and life.
  • Diseases caused by pesticides of Monsanto, Bayer and Co.
  • Mass pauperizaiton.
  • Financial fraud.
  • Dumb politicians.
  • Dumb politics.
  • End of scientific freedom.

But who is to blame, the criminals, the fraudsters, the gansters, the banksters, the henchmen, the believing idiots?

Who is to blame for this misery of humanity?

IMHO it is the dumbness of the victims!

Knowledge gives You power! Fight for and with knowledge!

Think by connecting the events, just think by questioning until You understand everything! Please don’t believe! You are a human with the ability to think, so please prove that!

Just look over the collection of news, maybe some of You may wake up!

Prepare for the worst! 

When NASA blames the Sun, the solar wind or whatever reason for total dimming, it invents another cover story as psychological preparation for the next escalation level of the Sunlight Robbery Menace (SRM) of Geoengineering Mafia!

NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in August 2016

„NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 6 days of almost complete darkness and will happen from the dates Tuesday the 16 – Monday the 22 in December. The world will remain, during these three days, without sunlight due to a solar storm, which will cause dust and space debris to become plentiful and thus, block 90% sunlight. … This will be the product of a solar storm, the largest in the last 250 years for a period of 216 hours total.“

Defense Secretary Carter on the Strategic Implications of Climate Change

Interdependence Day: Contending with a New Global Order
South Africa to ease some GM crop rules to avert food crisis

Epic Drought and Food Crisis Prompts South Africa to Ease Restrictions on GMOs

Geoengineering plan could have ‚unintended‘ side effect

Pandemics, killer robots and climate change ‘urgent’ security fears

Citigroup: End Of America Coming, Global Chaos Will Ensue

Climate Change Raises a Troubling Question: Who Gets to Eat?
„“Climate change puts the world’s food security at risk through both direct and indirect factors,“ said Margaret Walsh, an ecologist in USDA’s Climate Change Program Office and one of the authors the report.
Widespread drought caused by climate change could decrease crop production, Walsh told InsideClimate News. At the same time, sea level rise could impact cargo ships‘ access to docks for importing and exporting food.“

NYT: Global Warming Could Be Causing Malformed Babies In Brazil

The New York Times reported Wednesday that a virus spreading throughout Brazil causing brain damage and malformations in infants could be the result of man-made global warming.
Researchers point to the virus’s ability to hopscotch from one part of the world to another, seemingly at ease, as just one reason why the virus has surged.
“Some researchers emphasize the role that climate change may play in Zika’s spread,”

Climate Change Seen as Top Global ThreatAmericans, Europeans, Middle Easterners Focus on ISIS as Greatest Danger

Mr. Obama is definitely the worst president USA ever had. He is a grinning disaster, the biggest mass murderer in history of mankind. None of the worst men ever attacked the whole Troposphere, the whole water cycle, the whole carbon cycle of our planet.

None of them was ever able to starve us by blocking sunlight and poison us by spraying aerosol poison all over the world.

Mr. Obama is the nightmare, we couldn’t imagine, even he himself is a victim of his crimes. He is unable to understand his own crimes.

Barack Obama: climate deniers pose serious threat to US security

„In his speech, Obama detailed the ways the US military would be forced to respond to climate change in the future. He called refusing to act “a dereliction of duty” and said it undermined American readiness.“

„He also discussed the risk to global security from climate change and large weather-related disasters that could fuel political instability and tensions.“

Several times Obama lambasted those who refused to endorse the science of climate change.

“They’ll say, ‘You know, I’m not a scientist,’” Obama said. “Well, I’m not either. But the best scientists in the world know that climate change is happening.”

He added: “Our analysts in the intelligence community know climate change is happening. Our military leaders – generals and admirals, active duty and retired – know it’s happening. Our homeland security professionals know it is happening. And our coast guard knows it’s happening.”

Obama warns climate major threat to global security

Pope on Climate Change:

„“Many poor people live in areas particularly affected by phenomena related to heating,” Francis writes, “and their livelihoods strongly depend on natural reserves and so-called ecosystem services, such as agriculture, fisheries, and forestry.” Many of these people also live in the countries near the Equator; it is inhabitants of the tropics who will feel the effects the soonest, and who will suffer the most.“

„“Summers in much of the tropics are already becoming systematically hotter than they used to be, affecting food supplies and contributing to heatstroke and death like we saw in India just this year,” says Susan Solomon, a professor of climate science at MIT.“

Disasters: Every time a major storm hits the United States it sparks anew the debate over whether individual weather events are caused by global warming. There is little doubt among scientists, though, that climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events—and that these eventswreak the most damage in the tropics, particularly on coastal cities and island nations like the Philippines. Rising seas make storm surges higher; warming oceans help feed typhoons and tropical cyclones; and increased drought ravages croplands in places like sub-Saharan Africa. Wealthy people in Florida and Hong Kong may see their waterfronts damaged and their real estate values fall; poor people in Bangladesh and the Philippines will see their homes and their livelihoods destroyed.

Disease: Warmer temperatures and wetter months will accelerate the proliferation of tropical diseases, particularly insect-borne ones like malaria, which kills more than 600,000 people a year, almost all of them in the tropics, and dengue. Climate change is likely to increase the frequency and magnitude of weather patterns like El Niño, according to the World Health Organization, increasing mosquito populations and causing epidemics of the diseases they carry. Warmer temperatures will also facilitate the spread of malaria to higher altitude areas like the Debre Zeit region of central Ethiopia, which have been mostly immune to mosquito-spread diseases.

Instability: Dozens of books have been written asking why political instability, despotism, and economic underdevelopment are more prevalent in the tropics than in the temperate zones of Europe, North America, and East Asia. But there is no question that political instability reduces societies’ ability to adapt to changing climate conditions, and that climate change will contribute to unrest and conflict in tropical countries. Poorly governed countries are less able to cope with dramatic environmental shifts, and their citizens suffer as a result.

Agriculture: Simply put, farming is more vulnerable to climate change than almost any other livelihood, because of drought, flooding, crop disease, and other effects. And more people make their living off the land in the tropics than in any other region. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changehas forecast crop-yield declines of up to 50 percent for developing-world staples such as rice, wheat, and corn over the next 35 years in some areas—most of them in the tropics. Large industrial agriculture operations in developed nations can use irrigation and genetic modification to cope with climate change. Subsistence farmers cannot.

„“A world in which the rich will emit while the poor will suffer is not one many people would want,” says Solomon. That is the basic message of the Pope’s letter. Unfortunately, for now, it’s the world we are headed for.“Russia warming ‚2.5 times quicker‘ than global average: report
Out-of-control fires and deadly floods have hit the country nearly every year this decade

10 Foods That Could Disappear Because of Climate Change

Global warming: normal weather is a ‚thing of the past‘, claims scientist

Climate change is a potent element in the deadly brew of disaster risk

The main source of Atmospheric Oxygen are and were always the oceans. The criminal liars turning the reality also on this area of knowledge vice versa.

The reason of reduced Oxygen production Oceans can only be dimmed sunlight! This dimming is done by Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management (TSRWM), where water harvesting begins above the Oceans near coasts. Therefore near coast life, specifically algea living the bodies of corrals disappear and the corals die. This is the reason of coral bleaching!Oxygen Level Decrease in Air from Climate Change

Global warming could deplete the oceans’ oxygen – with severe consequences