Toxicated by Chemtrails

Don’t fly into the aerosol soup!

More examples planes flying with their passengers into the aerosol soup and risking aerotoxicsyndrome!

Before explaining more, I would like to recommend three websites for getting an impression about the frequency of toxic fume events in airplanes.

It is not any part in the engine, causing the intoxication of the cabin air. It is the outside air intoxicated by #Chemtrails .

The air supply for the passengers is taken from the bypass of the turbofan engine. There are no fumes, no burning process!

 Toxicated by Chemtrails

How safe is air quality on commercial planes?


Toxic Flyer

EXTENDED INTERVIEW | British Airways pilot Tristan Loraine discussing toxic fumes in the cockpit.

Toxic Airlines and the Aerotoxic Syndrome – part 1 of 2

Toxic Airlines and the Aerotoxic Syndrome – part 2 of 2

Aerotoxic Syndrome

Aerotoxic Syndrome in 2 Minutes

Gift im Flugzeug? Piloten schlagen Alarm

TEASER: Ungefiltert eingeatmet – Die Wahrheit über das Aerotoxische Syndrom

Authorities: Plane distress call ‚emergency, emergency‘


Co-Pilot der Germanwings 4U9252 Andreas Lubitz laut CBS tot im PKW in Barcelona aufgefunden

See another plane, where all people in the plane were not moving anymore!
Mayday Air Crash Investigation – S04E10 – Ghost Plane HD