War on water, war on energy!

The energy war against Russia, Iran, Syria, China, EU & Germany is fought by the imperial vassal Saudi Arabia with oil prices.

Saudi Arabia’s oil price war is backfiring

What most people don’t know and understand is that the basis for this oil is now WATER, delivered to the desert by SRM.


Desert of Riyadh is flooded and looks like a sea in Saudi Arabiahttp://strangesounds.org/2016/12/riyadh-desert-flooded-sea-video-pictures-anomaly.html

They call it Solar Radiation Management (SRM), as if anyone has allowed them to switch off and on the Sunlight! I call it Sunlight Robbery Menace.

They spray aerosol building fine dust particles into the upper Troposphere to bind water. The so called chemtrails are the visible signs of this method and HAARP radiation is used to trim and spread the material to build covering aerosol clouds.

The main trading product of the geoengineering mafia is water, but air sunlight & soil is also attacked! The aim of this mafia is nothing less than the occupation of the global water and carbon cycles!

All this business is illegal, breaking all known national and international civil and penal laws! It is endangering all life on Earth and cynically the mafia demands „adaptation“ to the destruction!

The crime of Tropospheric Water Robbery is covered behind the Ponzi scheme of only human made CO2 based globalwarming & climatechange. The fraud machinery pretends to be caring for the environment, the polar bears or other cute animals. The whole environmentalism is a farce, a nest of Corporatism and Fascism

We have already entered the World War III, which is mainly a war on Tropospheric Water Routes and its main weapon of mass destruction is Tropospheric Water Robbery. The fierce engagement of the Saudis, Qatar and Emirates against 
Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, where only the Saudis have already spent more than 150 billion Dollars at the beginning of the war for weapons, is not for bringing democracy or changing an autocratic regime, else they would start with themselves.

Their only interest is to secure the Tropospheric Water Delivery at any cost, because the alternative is the downfall of their legacy way of existence and power, based on mineral fuel production!

With legacy pumping methods they could reach only about 20% of the resources. The remaining 80% are in the deep underground and need the usage of Hydraulic-Fracturing (Fracking), which requires huge amounts of water!

Until the roll out of the Solar Radiation Menace methods for Water Delivery, the application of Fracking in the deserts of Arabia and USA was not thinkable.

Now, in addition to Fracking of mineral fuel, this water is also used for extensive, intensive, automated huge Desert Farming Industry, which everyone can observe on satellite maps, e.g. of Google!

Getting control over the airspace of Syrian & Iraqi on the north and Yemeni in the South is existential need for them. Getting the control on Syrian and Iraqi soil would open the terrain for new pipeline projects to the European energy market.

Please look up to the sky of Syria, the active Tropospheric Solar Radiation and Water Management is not ignorable for educated eyes!


Water is delivered by flash rain and floods!


This video is explaining very well the misery of Federal Reserve Sysem! The other information is propaganda!

ISIS infiltrates into Europe, sets up secret base in the Balkans
http://aranews.net/2015/11/isis-infiltrates-into-europe-sets-up-secret-base-in-the-balkans/ Look at the following links to understand more!

Inevitable Capitulation!

Turkey gambled as member of a weird coalition about a fast defeat of Syria and building of oil and gas pipelines from Arabian Peninsula up to Europe. The victory should come within weeks, but Syria is resisting since 5 years and now with the help of its allies rolling back, beating and fighting all mercenaries.

The expenses for weapons and mercenaries and the oil price war cause a deficit of about 100 billion per year for the Saudi state budget. By this pace they go totally bankrupt within a few years.

Saudi Arabia’s economic time bomb

To save the plan, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia need to escalate the war to the next level, make it a NATO war. But with the involvement of Russia, Iran and in the background China, this is an unrealizable dream. The counter coalition will have to and will break the backbone of imperial monster by saving Syria, Iraq and Yemen !

This war on water & energy is lost for them, but losing it is like capitulation, because the Saudis, Emirati & Qatar may not survive a defeat and for the MuslimBrotherhood it will mean losing the ruling power of AKP of Erdogan!

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