Where the water goes to!

When the mediawhores, presstitutes and propagandists of Geoengineering Mafia create „news“ about the drying lakes, melting glaciers of our Earth, we should question where the water goes to.

10 Satellite Images Show How California’s Reservoirs Are Drying Up

March 4, 2014

Catch the criminals of Geoengineering Mafia!

„First it was the floods, now this! We will not rest until we find whoever is responsible for these natural disasters!“ 

Water on Earth cannot go nowhere!
If it is missed in California, why is it in Texas?
If it is missed in Europe, why is it in Arabia?

Dear friends, please help to collect more statistics and other documents on this blog post and break the NLP distraction by selective news, selective wording and lies!

Saudi Arabia Achieves the World’s Biggest Water Reservoir, Guinness says

„The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved the biggest water reservoir in the world in Briman, Jeddah. This achievement is registered at Guinness World Records

National Water Company said that this project has 11 tube tanks with capacity of 188,000 cubic meters for each tank which makes more than 2 million cubic meters for all tanks.“

Dams and Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – By Director Hossam Ganby[googlemaps https://archive.org/embed/DamsAndAgricultureInTheKingdomOfSaudiArabia-ByDirectorHossamGanby“ webkitallowfullscreen=“true“ width=“640″>

Texas Reservoirs: Monitored Water Supply Reservoirs are 83.8% full on 2016-11-15

Historic Diagramm of Texan Water Reservoirs

California Reservoir Water Storage (By Hydrologic Region)


Money can turn every value upside down. 

Ugly becomes beautiful, wealthy becomes poor, thirsty gets drowned, lakes become deserts and deserts become lakes.

Money makes the water-poor the water-rich! Money is the enabler of mythological monsters!

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